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President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

“Here for You. Here for Life”

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Our slogan is more than a few words that happen to look really cool on company letterhead. It’s what we do and who we are. How did we arrive at our slogan? Our people, our products, our convenience and our dedication to member service help bring these six words to life. Truly, it has become our calling card.

“Here for You” means just that. When a member needs us, here we are. If the member is looking to save money…our rates are some of the best. When a member is ready to borrow, we’re a phone call or a few key strokes away from taking their application. We have six convenient offices should a member want to visit us in person. If coming into the office is a hassle, they can use online banking. Our ATM network is extensive and readily available to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our members. Every member knows we are “here.”

“Here for Life” is our way of saying that whatever your age, life stage, circumstances or predicament might be, we have the right product or service to meet your needs. Whether the member is a pre-teen or celebrating the golden years, St. Louis Community Credit Union is standing by with what best fits the member’s needs. Life is a long time, and we’ll be alongside our members the entire way.

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