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Top 10 Ways to Control Your Destiny at Work

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We’ve got enough unemployment!  Currently, we have nearly 10% of the workforce sitting on the sidelines.  That’s about twice what it should be and devastating to our economy.  Unfortunately, there may be more to come.  Enough is enough!

Here are some tips to insure your boss sees you as too valuable to let go.  Consider this a public service announcement in order to help keep people working.  All kidding aside, practice these 10 things listed below, and you will increase your stock and lead your boss in a different direction (away from you) when “job cuts” become the topic of conversation:

1) Stand Out. Nope, not the crazy hat or the shirt that needs ironing.  Bring something special to the table.  Find the opportunities to let your unique skill set stand out.
2) Don’t Be A “Scaredy Cat.” Be the first in line to take on new challenges.  Don’t cower to the back of the line.  Step up and make learning something new important to your professional growth and development.
3) Don’t Hoard Knowledge. Share your good knowledge with others.  Be the “go to guy or gal.”  It’s hard to get rid of the employee who helps everyone else be successful.  If you have a better idea – share it.
4) Take Ownership. It’s your company, too.  Nobody washes their rental car; that’s because they don’t own it.  Nobody mows the grass over their property line – they don’t own it.  Nobody rakes leaves on the other side of the fence – that’s somebody else’s leaves.  The idea that “somebody else will fix it” is the type of attitude that gets you laid off.
5) Be Accountable. If you make a mistake, admit it, learn from it, and try not to let it happen again.  Being the victim doesn’t play well in the boss’s suite.  If you’re pointing a finger, remember that three fingers are pointing back at you.  Positive change starts with you.
6) Provide Solutions. Anybody can identify what’s wrong.  Be a hero.  Provide the fix.  Bosses love you to say something like “here’s the problem I’ve encountered and here’s what I think may be two (2) ways to solve it.  Your worth just went sky high.
7) Have A Great Attitude. If you need me to explain what a great attitude is, you probably have one foot out the door and the other one on a banana peel.  When you walk in the room, does the energy level go up or down?  A great attitude insures energy and insures your success.
8) Be Creative. The professor on Gilligan’s Island made a radio out of coconuts.  So don’t give your boss the whole “I can’t think of anything better.”  Come up with new ideas and you’ll insure your long-term tenure.
9) Be A Team Player. Build bridges, not barriers.  If you’re pushing when everyone else is pulling, you’re setting yourself up for the “pink slip.”  Remember the old saying: “There is no “I” in team.”
10) Remember Your Interview. Remember how you got the job.  You were impressive in your look, your tone, your speech, your attitude and your willingness to do whatever it took to get the job.  Same idea applies to keeping it.

Keep this “Top Ten” list in the forefront of your mind.  Ten percent unemployment is way too high.  Control your destiny as much as possible.  These ideas will help you stay off the boss’s “watch list.”

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