The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

We’ve Got Game

On April 28th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by

Baseball season is in full swing. Teams are jockeying for position – feeling out the competition. Early in the year, everyone is busy trying to assess what they have to do to compete. Everyone is scouting their competition to see who has what. Where are the competitors’ strengths? What makes the foes such tough competitors? And of course, the ultimate question is “what’s it going to take to win?”

When the banks and other credit unions in the region scout our credit union, they come to recognize that we’ve “got game.” Our competition quickly finds out that higher than average deposit rates, low fees and lower than average loan rates are just a few of our stars. We also offer CDs for $300; second chance checking; no debit card fees; and if the member has had some tough times with their credit history, we may still be able to help. Oh yeah, what about our electronic delivery channels – they’re all FREE!

Our position is pretty simple…we may not win all the battles. In fact, we know we’re not going to be undefeated – the competition will win every once in awhile. We do know, however, that the competition has to beat us, because we’re going to compete. We have a great team of people, great products, and a winning attitude. We expect to win, and as a result, we give one hundred percent. If the competition thinks they can beat us day in and day out, two words come to mind – GOOD LUCK!

People Helping People

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It’s fair to say the economy is tough right now. Gas prices are sky high. The cost of a loaf of bread is out of control. Childcare gobbles up the paycheck. And if our kids are older, college costs are hyper-inflated. Generally speaking, the dollar isn’t stretching as far as it did in years past. That’s where St. Louis Community Credit Union comes into play. Great value, with great service, is what we do. We want our members’ lives to be better – especially during the tough times.

When the paycheck is harder to stretch, the consumer tries to save a little more and borrow a little less. Without boring you with details, when consumers borrow less, it usually equates to a financial institution’s net income shrinking. In the for-profit world of our competition, they react by taking away even more from the general public than is normal. As an example, raising fees can be commonplace. Not us.

We like to think that our members’ hard-earned money should go toward making their lives better – now more than ever. The credit union would rather put the members’ money back in their pocket versus our bottom-line. We’re not about profit, we are about members. We figure we’ll take care of our members during the tough times by giving them the best possible rates and fees, and they’ll take care of us the rest of the time. In the spirit of credit unions, it’s a cooperative effort. We like to call it “people helping people.”

We’re listening!

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We regularly survey our members. We want to know as much information as we can about their relationship with St. Louis Community Credit Union. We want to hear about the good and the bad – especially the bad. Without knowledge of a specific issue facing our members, we are at a loss as to what we need to do to improve their Credit Union experience.

Our members have told us through years of surveys what matters most to them. Our members want their transactions processed accurately. We couldn’t agree more. Because members entrust us with their money, we have an obligation to get it right. We take that responsibility very seriously and, as a result, members rate us extremely high in transaction accuracy. Members also want convenience. While we can’t put an office on every corner (yet), we offer electronic services that allow for the optimum convenience from the workplace or the comforts of home.

What really makes the difference between us and them (the competition) is how friendly we are. Members tell us that all the time. We love our members and it shows in everything we do. Friendly, accurate and convenient are big deals to our members. As a result, we listen to everything they tell us.

“Here for You. Here for Life”

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Our slogan is more than a few words that happen to look really cool on company letterhead. It’s what we do and who we are. How did we arrive at our slogan? Our people, our products, our convenience and our dedication to member service help bring these six words to life. Truly, it has become our calling card.

“Here for You” means just that. When a member needs us, here we are. If the member is looking to save money…our rates are some of the best. When a member is ready to borrow, we’re a phone call or a few key strokes away from taking their application. We have six convenient offices should a member want to visit us in person. If coming into the office is a hassle, they can use online banking. Our ATM network is extensive and readily available to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our members. Every member knows we are “here.”

“Here for Life” is our way of saying that whatever your age, life stage, circumstances or predicament might be, we have the right product or service to meet your needs. Whether the member is a pre-teen or celebrating the golden years, St. Louis Community Credit Union is standing by with what best fits the member’s needs. Life is a long time, and we’ll be alongside our members the entire way.