The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

Follow The Red Logo Ball To Our Next Location

On September 29th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

We’re within a few weeks of opening up our eighth office to serve our members.  Yes!  Great news…our new Southtown office will be full service and provide members with even more convenience.

We listen to our members, and you have told us many times over the years that you want more convenience.  Life is busy.  If we can help take some of the stress out of your life, that’s what we want to do.  Adding more locations is just one of the ways we contribute to making your life simple.

Just off the corner of Chippewa and Kingshighway is where you’ll find us.  Look for the now famous red “arch ball” logo.  Folks are beginning to follow the “bouncing red ball” all over town.  With each new office, the “red ball” finds a new home and attracts more people to be a part of our credit union family.  Likewise, the website remains active.  It’s just one more place for the “red ball” to work its magic.  I’m telling you, the ball is just starting to bounce.  It’ll be everywhere before long, and it signifies what we’re all about – to improve our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyle.

One of the ways life is easier with St. Louis Community Credit Union is our new Saturday hours.  Back in July, we opened up our Dellwood facility and tried the new idea of opening from 12 Noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.  It has been such an overwhelming success, we’re offering the same hours at our new Southtown location.  To some folks, Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping.  So sleep a little later – you’ve got the better part of the afternoon to come to our office.  Use our other facilities from 9 a.m. to Noon, if that’s your deal.  But on those days when you can’t get up and moving, you have the convenience of later hours.

I’m telling you, that ball is bouncing high with a whole new level of convenience!

Our Town Really Makes Me Proud

On September 22nd, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by

Recently, I was in the company of a group of Hawaiian residents.  Their presence begged the question: “Where do the good folks of Hawaii go on vacation?”  While there was a varied response, I asked a follow-up question.  “Have you ever been to St. Louis?”  You could have knocked me over with a lei given their response.  At least a half-dozen in the room have not only been to St. Louis – they loved it!

They went around the room sharing with me all their memories of our fine city.  The obvious landmarks were discussed. Our Hawaiian friends loved the Arch, the Zoo, Grant’s Farm, and the brewery tour.  A Cardinal game got a mention; so did the Science Center.  Food was a popular memory.  Many in the room had frequented “The Hill.”  And a few mentioned how much they loved the Central West End – the shops, restaurants and such.

St. Louis’ Chamber of Commerce would be proud of the many wonderful remarks.  These folks couldn’t say enough about how friendly St. Louisans were.  They spoke in glowing terms about the kind and considerate people they came to meet and know.  If there is one thing Hawaiians understand, it is kindness.  They are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.  Wouldn’t you be if you lived in paradise every day?  So for them to call St. Louisans “friendly” really made me swell with pride.

I mentioned how I worked for St. Louis Community Credit Union and that I couldn’t agree more with their assessment of how great the people of my hometown are.  They knew about credit unions and asked if we served the residents of the area.  “Not all of them yet,” I said, “but we are well on our way.”

We tend to be myopic on occasion, and forget how great a place our fair city is.  I couldn’t have been more proud during my conversation with my newfound friends.  They loved St. Louis, and it reminded me of why I love our fair city as well – the people.  And to work for the city’s credit union and help so many great people makes for a smile – a big smile.


Sometimes Simple is Better

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If you’re in business, there are worse companies to emulate than Southwest Airlines.  They are very successful in an industry that is rife with failure.  Unfortunately, airlines fold like lawn chairs.  Yet, Southwest has continued to post profits in every quarter of their existence.  They bring together good management, good operations, good marketing, good pricing, good service and good staff.

There’s no silver bullet in their methodology – just great execution in the key tenets that make a business successful.  They’re relatively simple-minded, and as a result, they are extremely smart.  Yes, it’s true…simple is sometimes a better choice.  While all the other airlines attempt to be “all things to all people,” Southwest has a niche.  Short routes, same aircraft type, no fancy food, fun attitude, and a staff that has an ownership stake.  No “them versus us” attitude that has served to destroy more than one airline and countless businesses over the years.

St. Louis Community Credit Union sort of mirrors the Southwest business model.  We’re simple and smart.  We don’t compete where we don’t bring value.  Our offices represent function over form – no fancy 767s here.  Our people have great attitudes.  They’re fun and are completely bought in to serving our members with the highest level of courtesy and respect.  Much like Southwest Airlines, we know who pays our salary.  As a result, we are doing all we can all day long to increase our members’ standard of living and better their lifestyle.

In many regards, our country’s dominant airline is one that started out small…focused on service…built a product that met the needs of the average guy…looked for opportunities to help people in places that few others expressed interest…charges reasonable fares…and provides service far and away above those of the others.

Sound familiar?  Sounds like St. Louis Community Credit Union.  Sounds like a formula for success.  They say “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”  Don’t mind if we do.       

Map Out Your Financial Future

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My dad wasn’t very smart when I was 15 years old.  At 25, he got a little smarter.  By the time I made it into my mid-thirties he had really improved his intellect.  His intelligence steadily improved for many years and now that I’m in my 52nd year, I have come to realize that my “ol’ man” was a genius.  Looking back on it, the best indication of his overwhelming “smarts” was that he could get us to our vacation destination every single year without the help of a GPS (global positioning system).  He did it with a plan and a map – the old fashioned way.

Maps have all but fallen out of good graces for the average traveler.  We now have sophisticated technologies that do all the mapping for us.  No more thought.  No need for a plan.  Just click on the Internet and, poof, your course is developed for you.  Enhance your Internet search a little bit and, voila, you’ll know where to stay, where to eat, and how to avoid the areas with road construction.  Life’s a whole lot easier now.

As a result, effective planning may be a lost art that has led to many consumers being a little too laid back in their approach – not only in vacation planning, but also in financial planning.

Where does that leave us?  Well, without effective plans, many people have excessive debt.  Minus an effective plan, some people, for instance, have been the victims of expensive mortgages that will only get more expensive.  Collectively, we are an entire generation of people who have little or no savings.  Could a plan have helped us out of such a dire outlook?  You bet!

Planning – especially a financial plan – is a good thing, and your Credit Union is at your disposal with an effective map to a successful future.  We’re just a phone call away.  We have multiple resources that work with you to help in the development of a plan. Whether debt management, credit counseling, retirement planning or development of an effective savings plan, the Credit Union provides this service to our members at zero cost.

So take a trip to success.  Get a plan….and map out your future.

Visit The Credit Union And Feel The Energy

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Everyone can use a little energy boost from time to time.  That’s why a variety of “energy” drinks are popular these days.  With some folks it’s a cup of coffee.  Others like their energy fix from a soda.  Still others seek the latest and greatest in formulated drinks that serve to give you a swift kick in the back pockets.

No artificial stimuli for me… I get energized in another way. To me, nothing is better than making a visit to our branch offices.  Talk about energy!

Our offices are teeming with activity.  The Credit Union’s many employees are busy helping our members in a variety of ways.  I love the fact that our offices are heavily used by our members.  Sure, we encourage members to use our remote delivery services.  Whether it’s ATMs, 24-hour phone service, or electronic banking from the convenience of one’s kitchen table, we provide the ultimate in convenience.  But if a member wants to come to one of our many offices, the welcome mat is out.

St. Louis Community branches are where the energy is generated.  Members have made a conscious choice to be a part of our cooperative credit union structure as a member-owner.  They share their need(s) for a better standard of living and a better lifestyle.  Our staff responds with action plans that serve to meet those needs.  Loans, checking accounts, direct deposit, debit cards, etc., are (in part) the energy that fuels the members’ better lifestyle.  This energized, symbiotic dance goes on all day, every day.

I’m “jazzed” by watching consumers join the Credit Union in record numbers.  As a result, our offices are getting busier all the time – and we love it.  There’s always electricity in the air.  There’s a spirit of service that is palpable.  Add to our loving and caring staff, smart financial solutions, and the cooperative idea of being a member instead of being a customer, and you have the formula for a lot of energy – enough to light up members’ faces with that obvious look of success.  Go visit…see for yourself…and feel the energy!