The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

The Credit Union’s Business Practices Need No Interpretation

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We are a world diverse with language.  Foreign languages abound.  I took Spanish in high school – two years.  I know enough to ask my way through a conversation as to where the nearest restaurant, bathroom, hotel or taxi stand might be.  I can thank somebody and tell folks when enough is enough – no mas!!!!  Beyond that, I know “mi llamo es Patricio.”  Honestly, I might have that wrong too. (more…)

What We Do Makes A Lot Of Sense

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I think about what we do at St. Louis Community Credit Union a lot.  All that we are and stand for makes its way around the inside of my mind like popcorn in a popper.  Our business plan, our focus, our community initiatives, and our member service – all of these plus hundreds more related thoughts pop in and out of the gray matter all day every day.  I think it through regularly.  I weigh the merits of what we do, assess the pros & cons and constantly evaluate if we are on the right path.  I’ve come to understand that is what those at the top of the org chart do.


Free Checking Could Go The Way Of Free Baggage Check

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Which are you most surprised by: the fact that the Boys of Summer didn’t make it to fall or that the perennial bottom-dwelling Rams have won two games and for a short window of time were tied for first place?  Well, the Cardinals broke my heart and if the Rams are anywhere near first place before we carve the turkey in November, I’ll put on my #13 Kurt Warner jersey and jump smack dab in the middle of the bandwagon.  Oh yeah, and the Blues won their home opener.  Yes, the winds of change are blowing through River City’s sports teams.


Keep Your Financial Affairs To Yourself

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“SSHHHH!!!!  Your voice carries.”  Chances are you have either said “SSHHHH” or have had it said to you.  Sometimes people talk too loud in situations where they probably shouldn’t be talking at all.  Most of us are guilty on occasion.