The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

SLCCU Wins When Members Win

On January 31st, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by

One of the character traits I like most about the “collective us” (i.e. the SLCCU staff) is our conscious culture.  We are active thinkers about what we’re doing and, maybe more importantly, why we’re doing it.  Our collective character traits include focused, consistent, deliberate and acute awareness of why we exist – all of which are readily visible in all that we do, as well as seen on the faces and heard in the voices of our outstanding staff.  The “collective us” are some of the finest people I know.


The Power of Rationale Can be Expensive

On January 24th, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by

Sometimes people fool themselves.  They think something is okay when it’s really not.  They think that their pants fit even though the zipper won’t close and the seams are screaming. Bad habits are justified, and loves are sometimes lost because of the misguided power of rationale.  Sadly, there are even people who think their current bank is the best financial solution for them and their family.


One’s Status and Privilege Can Be Used to Make a Difference

On January 18th, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by

This past weekend, I came to understand that on the food chain of privilege, I was at the top.  Not me personally, but me as a white guy.  After about 16 hours of diversity training, I learned that, comparatively speaking, I have pretty much ended up in the “lap of luxury.”


Fees to Rise Thanks to Debit Card Fraud – and Congress

On January 10th, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

The holiday season is great, but come the Monday after all the revelry, i.e. bowl games, 18-hour sales, libations and 4-6 extra pounds, life sort of hits you in the face like a Randy Johnson ice-packed snowball.  Whether it is back to school or back to work, think real – not “reality TV” real.


The Truly Priceless Moments Are Those Spent With Family and Friends

On January 3rd, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by

Do you have a lifelong friend?  I do.  We’ve been hanging around each other for about four decades; six grown kids combined; three World Series Champions; more ups than downs; and enough vaulted secrets that would make the folks at TMZ blush.  Few people make me laugh until my eyes water and my sides hurt, but he’s one of them.  What’s going to come out of his mouth next is anybody’s guess – I’m not sure he even knows sometimes.  I’m lucky to have a friend like him for any number of reasons.