The P.A.

A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

It’s About the People

On May 26th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

group of diverse people

At the end of a conversation about success, business people will inevitably agree that it’s about the people. Among those who toil on a day-to-day basis — you know, the real people in the trenches — people matter. In the world of academia, where toiling involves a lot of theoretical pontification, the answer is the same — people matter. So why does the “command and control” autocratic leadership model still exist? (more…)

The Grandest Sight of All

On May 18th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

moon telescopeThere is a recently released book on the Wright Brothers. It is aptly named “The Wright Brothers.” I read the Wall Street Journal review versus reading the entire book. My attention deficit disorder allows me a much greater aptitude when I read short articles versus 320-page novels. Big books ensure that I’m daydreaming by page 37.

John T. Daniels, according to the author, witnessed the first flight in 1903. He wrote: “It was one of the grandest sights, if not the grandest sight, of my life.” (more…)

The Best Pillow: It’s a Clear Choice

On May 11th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

sleeping like a babyChoosing a pillow is a big deal. According to sleep experts, the pillow is probably as important as the mattress it calls home.  I should probably pay more attention to the details surrounding my nighttime head rest, but to date, my war is usually with the room temperature,  not the pillow. (more…)

Random Outbreaks of Chitter-Chatter

On May 4th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

chatterSo the old guy just kept looking at me. I would kind of glance at him, our eyes would catch each other for a split second, and we would both look away quickly. But then he’d be right back at it. Because I’m taller than the average guy, especially those of age who have begun the shrinking process, he was looking at my chest more than anything else. (more…)