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A weekly address from Patrick Adams,
President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

Change Is Good

On September 26th, 2016, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

money growingI’m typing this blog while donning a broken pair of reading glasses. You can buy reading glasses for, what, 5 for $8, but mine are broken. I’m cheap, so a Band-Aid is holding the earpiece together. If I sneeze too hard, I’ll have to finish the blog at another time, because the glasses will fall apart like a moist piece of cake. But this isn’t about glasses and my propensity to save a buck. Just thought you might want to know.

Did you know that the Russian philosopher Peter Kropotkin observed that “the more miserable a man is, the more he dreads every sort of change, lest it make him more wretched still?” I’m laughing right now. His remark is a tragic statement on the human condition of many, but I’m laughing because I know of whom he speaks. Too many people, quite frankly. At work and elsewhere, they exist in numbers too great to count.

I’ve thought many times and equally as many times verbalized my disdain for such an attitude of defeat. Quite frankly, it’s not a laughing matter. Sad, really. How does one fight change in a world where it is inevitable? If you’re employed, change is happening “Mach VI with your hair on fire.” If you have the attitude conveyed by Mr. Kropotkin, life must be hard. Progressive-minded, successful, challenging, exciting employers remain in change. I, for one, love change. I’m the antithesis of the wretched man in the quote. Bring it on — makes the day go faster.

If you pick up your coffee mug off the desk and hold it to your ear, you’ll hear the thunderclaps of change not far away. Big change can be scary but good.

The credit union is getting ready to introduce the fourth three-year business plan under our current leadership. It is robust, complex and aggressive, and when properly executed, it will define SLCCU for many years to come. And yes, there are many who will be “more wretched still.” “Why fix it?  It ain’t broke.” That will be the voice of the miserable handful who dread the slightest of changes, let alone an aggressive block of many.

So to those who slink back from change and linger in their hangover against progress, I say only this…uh-oh! You might want to begin preparing yourself. We’re getting busy on so many fronts to make SLCCU the best Community Development Financial Institution in America. Join us on our journey. It is easier than the alternative.

Now, back to my glasses. They’re still intact, and the Band-Aid is working just fine. Uh-oh…gotta go…getting ready to sneeze.

Remember, you will always get change — except from a vending machine. Embrace it. It’s a more pleasant journey.

If You Get the Chance, See Northern Michigan

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What’s in a Name?

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grandpa and grandson on pathJust a few weeks back, 59-plus years ago, my lovely mom gave birth to a 9 lb. 13 oz., 23-inch-long behemoth of a boy — me. I was so big that I tell people that I was born on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The truth is that it was a Sunday at St. Mary’s Hospital right here in the River City. If the radio was on, chances were, you heard Pat Boone, Elvis Presley or the Everly Brothers singing one of their chart-toppers. (more…)

Focus! That’s My Buzzword.

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