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A Child’s Fascination with Things Electronic

On July 24th, 2017, posted in: Just Because, Uncategorized by

pink baby shoesMy 2-year-old granddaughter can’t put on her shoes very well. That’s putting it kindly. She’s a bull-headed little tyke, though, so she perseveres until I can’t stand it any longer and give her a “help-me-up.” That’s usually a couple of minutes into the ordeal, because we need to be somewhere. Time available is in inverse proportion to her bull-headedness.

She can, however, grab my iPhone, clear my password, download a couple of apps, delete my iTunes and dial the police department — all in about 17 seconds. Apparently, her dexterity is solely used for electronics. Oh, yes, the world is changing.

She knows her password for the iPad already. It is 11111111111114. She has trouble stopping her rambling on of the ones. That’s okay, I know adults who ramble on all day and say less. She’ll type it in right, though. Again…amazing! She’s 2.

My 5-year-old grandson is far more advanced. At this stage, based on the hours logged staring at the iPad screen, I’m pretty sure that he would rather watch kids open up Christmas presents on YouTube than open them up himself. There is a fixation on things electronic. And they’re good at them.

Somewhere in a weak moment, we decided to take them to Dave & Buster’s. I’m still looking for the skee ball game or maybe the rifle shooting at the ducks as they stream across the pond. My wife reminded me that I wasn’t in Mayberry.

He knows what to do at D & B’s. He’s swiping that “money” card and blowing things up as he jumps from one game to the next. He coerces me into some self-enclosed, half-moon-looking thing that is moving, jumping and lurching side-to-side as I’m dodging asteroids while attempting to shoot aliens. He’s yelling directions at me — I’m about to throw up.

Leaning against the wall after it was over in an attempt to regain my equilibrium, he informed me that I had maybe the worst score ever. For me, the fact that I did not hurl was victory enough. By the way, he had something like a gazillion points and cleared the solar system of any threat of space creatures taking over the planet. Again, he’s 5.

My son, years ago, started reading the encyclopedia at the breakfast table before he went to elementary school. He read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica twice over the course of many years. Anybody seen an encyclopedia anywhere? That’s one generation ago.

Now, if it’s not online or on-screen, my guess is that it’s not going to get much attention.

Where are we headed? Lord help us. I have a 1-year-old granddaughter. With the velocity of change in technology — what’s next? Helping her with her shoes is the least of my worries.

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