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A Day To Remember What Matters Most

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Did you enjoy the three-day weekend? Me too! A little extra time off is always nice – especially when that day off is shared by everyone in the office. As a result, I don’t end up with any extra work on my desk. (On a personal note, the Memorial Day holiday is important to me. I remember that this day is about honoring the fallen soldiers that have served to protect the freedoms of this great country. I love our country and am reminded that “freedom is not free.”)

Taking a few minutes to remember what really matters should be worked into our conscious thought at least a few times during the day. Remembering what’s important gives you a perspective that helps you get through the day-to-day rigors that somehow falsely work their way to the top of the priority list. How the important thoughts of the day get trivialized by the mounds and mounds of stuff we “gotta get done” just seems to happen. No judgment passed – it’s just the nature of our times.

What matters? Here’s some of what the staff at St. Louis Community Credit Union has on their list(s) of “high priority” thoughts for the day. Respect for one another and our members are way up on the “what matters most” list. Professionalism, courtesy, compassion, empathy are on the list. So is accepting diversity as a good thing. Helping people is right there, as well. Having a spirit of service can’t be ignored as important, and neither can learning from our mistakes.

Good manners, i.e. “Yes Ma’am;” “Thank You,” and opening the door for each other are important. Shaking hands, making eye contact, a smile, being a good listener and asking someone “How are you?” and meaning it…all make our “important stuff” list.

You get the idea. The Credit Union employees are awesome people who definitely have their priorities in order. You’re important on our list. Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

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