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A Human Interest Story of the Best Kind

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red boxing glovesYes, I’m senescent. Recollection is fading on occasion. Not always, but every once in a while, I give people that confused, head-cocked, forehead-furrowed, blank stare that telegraphs that I have no idea what is being discussed. If a sentence starts out with “Hey, remember in 1980 when…,” I will have very little chance of remembering, unless of course it was of monumental status. Sports memories hold better than most other subjects. Likewise, movies stick to my memory – especially the great ones.  

I remember the big-screen grittiness, the guts and glory of Rocky, like it was yesterday. What a storyline. I loved every second of it.

After the movie, I was so pumped with adrenaline that I ran to my car. I put down my donut the next morning and started the day by eating two raw eggs before going to the gym. Being a little immature at the ripe old age of 19, I thought it was a sports movie. Forgive me, I was 19 – the brain was far from fully developed. At some point in my later years, I realized that Rocky was a human interest story of the best kind and has remained in that vein until this very day.

All told, I can’t begin to guess how many times I’ve watched the Rocky movies – all of them, whatever the count. Rocky II was my favorite. When Adrienne comes out of the coma, after complications during the birth of their son, and tells Rocky that all she wants him to do for her is “win,” I become a blob of sobbing pudding – still to this day – every time. And Burgess Meredith (Mickey), as Rocky’s back-alley, gym-rat, curmudgeon trainer, never leaving Rocky’s side, is a friendship for which we all pine. Another great line comes from Mickey upon seeing Rocky’s new son for the first time. Less than impressed, Mickey utters, “Is that it?” Hilarious! How many of us have wanted to say that before? Don’t lie.

Apollo Creed was Rocky’s antagonist in the first and second flicks. Remember Apollo? Cocky, boisterous and flamboyant. He was the P.T. Barnum of boxing. He sold himself as the great showman and expected not to lose. Oops! Apollo died a movie or two later, apparently leaving behind a son and the potential for a sequel. Voila, it hit theaters this past week. Creed is the seventh (I think) Rocky-related movie, and I, for one, am thrilled. If it follows form of the franchise from the very beginning, good will triumph over evil, and who isn’t a sucker for that type of story? Boy, do we need it.

Early reviews are that it is great. Even some awards buzz for Sylvester Stallone has started making the rounds. I hope so. Look, in a world filled with heartache, despair, sadness, tragedy and a general feeling of malaise, don’t we need the feel-good of an underdog achieving success? Whether it’s in the boxing ring or in life, we want to smile.

I echo the words of Adrienne, just do one thing for me – win.

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