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A Pinch Of Salt For An Acidic World

On November 2nd, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

We picked up an extra hour this past weekend.  What do we do with it?  It’s not often you get to practice a “do-over” with time, but as Saturday night passed into Sunday, sure enough we got 60 extra minutes.  How will you play that extra time?

I’m in for being a little kinder, a little gentler, and a little more caring.  In addition to changing my clock and the battery in my smoke detector, I’m going to change my attitude (just a little).  I’m going to add one hour of being really kind, caring and gentle during this next week – that’s about eight more minutes per day of really focusing in on making people feel a little better.

If I need an example of how to be kind, caring and gentle, I’ll use our South City staff.  If you’ve never visited our office just off the corner of Gravois and Hampton, you’re missing a real treat.  The men and women who commit to great service inside the four walls of this decade-plus old office make it come alive.  The staff’s love for our members is like syrup on your fingers…it’s sticky…all day…every day.  Here’s another food metaphor – the South City staff is like salt in your coffee.  What?

Did you know that salt is the great neutralizer when applied to coffee?  Coffee (for those who don’t partake) is acidic.  In addition to “the kick” of caffeine, coffee is loaded with acid.  I heard it once said that too much coffee ends up creating a feeling something like somebody paved your stomach with asphalt.  But, if you want to take the edge off your favorite morning beverage just add a pinch of salt.  How ‘bout that?

Many members live in a world filled with an edge.  It is an acidic time.  The newspaper is paved with acidic reports.  Unemployment, reduced wages, foreclosures, and bill collectors have all become part of our lexicon during the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Negativity is prevalent in too many discussions.  The world is tough right now and we all need a little help in taking the edge off.

Our staff knows that and tries really, really hard to help.  At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we practice being kind, gentle and caring.  We’re the pinch of salt in the acidic world in which we live, and nowhere is it more obvious than inside our South City office.

I’m not picking which office is the best among our eight offices.  They’re all staffed with great people who practice being kind, gentle and caring.  It’s just that I had a chance to visit with the ladies and gentlemen of South this past week and I was reminded of their commitment to our members.

I’ll bet you a cup of coffee they will use their extra hour to love our members just a little bit more.  Need a pinch of salt to take the edge off?  Go South.


2 Responses to “A Pinch Of Salt For An Acidic World”

  • E C says:

    Mr. Adams,Have you ever made a BIG mistake in your life. Well I have. I recently made a big mistake in Gambling. My Dr. Thinks it the med’s I’m on. I thought I had a mind of my own. Anyway I screwed up. I was on a winning streak GAMBLING. Well I went over Board. I have our Checking account over drawn with $15.00 charges adding up because of all this. Tried to get a Loan on my own because our account is in my husband Name. He says I have to bail my self out of this. But with not being able to get an account on my own this is hard to do. Your people advise me to go to Wells Fargo or someone else. Why would I want them to get all the intrest when I have being dealing with you for 10 or more years. I need about $3000.00 to get me out of my mess but do not know were to go and hope I do not end up in Jail. HELP

  • SLCCU says:

    We would recommend that you contact a Credit Union branch manager at the office nearest you to discuss your situation in more detail and to see if we can offer a solution to meet your needs. We also have a free financial counseling program that could help you get back on track. Again, please contact us for details in person or at 314-534-7610.

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