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A Potpourri of Thoughts

On June 22nd, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

man with thought bubbleUnlike most of my postings, this one is not just a singular theme that moves from paragraph to paragraph seamlessly visiting one subject. Nope, this one is intentionally all over the board. 

I know a lot more about iguanas this week than I did last. Let’s just say that a couple of close encounters of the reptile kind will force you to visit Wikipedia. The end game: I have no more respect than before. Not a pretty picture. When you see a cute toddler, you start your remarks with an admiring “Ahhh” followed by “Look at that pretty baby.” Nobody does that when seeing an iguana. Prehistoric is the word that comes to mind.

Opened a People magazine this past week for the first time in decades. You can have it.

The most important thing a man can do is be a good father and a better dad. I know too many guys “of means” who shun their responsibilities to provide for their kids. This idea that the only deadbeat dads are the ones stereotyped on daytime talk shows (think Jerry Springer) is wrong. Here’s a show: dads who make hundreds of thousands of dollars and ignore their kids in terms of financial help and love. Not all fathers were celebrated yesterday, nor should they have been.

The Cardinals are really good this year, so why am I so nervous? With just less than 100 games left, I remain skeptical. No celebrations yet for me. The Rams staying in St. Louis? Don’t know the answer, but if I were a betting man, I’d stick to the slot machines.

Had some great Mexican food this past week. The difference was really fresh ingredients. I mean to tell you, they picked the stuff that morning and it made it to my plate by lunch. My lovely and talented daughter-in-law loves Mexican food. I thought of her as I scraped my plate clean. I’m telling you…WOW!

I need some new dress shoes.

I worry about society’s inability to communicate without text messaging one another. The arts of conversation and letter writing have gone south since the invention of phones that aren’t plugged into or don’t hang on a wall.

I’m done.  Have a great week.

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