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A Reminder of How to Live

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A Reminder of How to Live

Remember Kurt Warner? Number 13 for the 1999 Super Bowl Champions, the St. Louis Rams, is one of my all-time favorites. A true “rags to riches” story. He dispelled the theory that nice guys finish last and exemplified the American dream to never give up on something that you believe in. He expressed his faith, his love of family and his desire to serve the community without the slightest hint of apology. He was a winner in every sense of the word.

He and his wife run a foundation called “First Things First” – a direct correlation to a biblical verse from the book of Matthew. One of their efforts as a foundation focuses on a coat drive every year in the City of St. Louis. At the Credit Union, we participate as a drop-off point, and many of our members bring coats and cash every year to help those that are less fortunate. We are glad to participate, as it is our belief that giving back is what makes the community stronger.

Because we are involved, we get a Christmas card every year from the foundation. It is filled with inspiration and representative of the “reason for the season” – no Santa Claus on this card. It gets to the heart of what the world should do to make this a better place. It is loaded with biblical tenets, that when practiced, help to ensure a community filled with love and peace.

Why now? Why am I bringing a Christmas card reference up now in the middle of March? Because I look at this card every day. It sits on my desk as a reminder of how to live my life. It slaps me in the conscious thought of what to do with this day and all to follow. I look at it daily, and quite frankly it never gets old.

The text of the card reminds me to be honest every day, to count my blessings and to bear each other’s burdens. To practice those three principles on a daily basis, is to improve your personal life and everyone who comes in contact with you. As an example, when I count my blessings (the big and the small – those I see and those I don’t), I quickly become the richest man in the world. I recognize that others have it worse off than me, and I set out to change their unfortunate set of circumstances.

The card goes on to remind me to forgive and forget, to be kind and tender hearted, to be a comfort to and supportive of others. Be true to each other and to treat each other like you treat your friends.

Each reminder is filled with common sense and uncommon attention to each other. We have become a world rife with a lack of concern, apathy and a “not my problem” kind of place. An “open your own door” kind of place where social decorum has taken a backseat to a hectic pace of lifestyle that would appear to offer up no time for caring for those outside of our family.

I’m glad I have the card right where I can see it every day. It reminds me of a couple of things: 1) what is right; and 2) all of our answers lie in a single book. It’s really easy.

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