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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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top workplaces 2016Facebook does something really cool. I’m not on Facebook, but Mrs. Adams is and loves that pictures posted are revisited as “memories” on anniversaries of the original postings. I must admit, I enjoy looking back at my grandkids pics and reminiscing. Yes, they grow up fast, and the pictures are a reminder of just how fast. Just a couple of years ago, they couldn’t talk — now they won’t shut up. 

What was I thinking and writing about a year ago came to mind. Looking back it was a big deal and is worth sharing. We have 10 more employees and a couple thousand more members today than a year ago. Enjoy a trip down memory lane. Sorry, no pictures.

June 2016…

If you want the “thing to do” in the world of motorcycles, you buy a Harley. If you want the “thing to do” in greeting cards, you check Hallmark first. And as an employee of a credit union, if you want the “thing to do,” then you work for St. Louis Community Credit Union.

Yes, we are proud to announce that St. Louis Community Credit Union has been voted a Top Workplace within our region. Congratulations to a great team!

How many businesses are in the region? A lot. How many actually gain the recognition? Very few. We are one of them, and we are delighted by this prestigious recognition.

Let me introduce you to the winning team.  We are 165 strong with a collective heart bigger than Texas. We lift each other up, as well as our 52,000 members, to achieve new heights every day. We are the finest people I know. You don’t win regional awards like Top Workplace without a strong connection to one another, lots of love and a desire to be the best. Truly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

We are flawed yet forgiving. We are inclusive, considerate and compassionate. We are grateful, appreciative, humble, nice, polite and dedicated. You can’t be one of the best places to work without a big helping of each.

Add to the mix respect, energy, audacity, strength and commitment. We are inclusive and loyal to one another. No, we are not perfect and do not pretend to be, but we work towards excellence in everything we do. Somebody once said that “blood runs thicker than mud.” They were right. We are family. Our passion to serve each other and our members is coursing through our veins.

We were asked to take a survey. We were all under the impression that we were filling out a survey to measure our corporate culture. We do this quite often, so there was nothing unusual about the request. Ninety-three percent of us responded. WOW! That’s a huge response showing how much everyone cares about our overall success. Our responses went directly to a third party that tallied them and let us know that we were, in fact, considered a Top Workplace.

Someone asked me in an interview, “In just a few words, what’s it take to be a Top Workplace?” Heck, I don’t know. Corporate culture is a soup with many ingredients. I do know this, though: When people are treated with respect, kindness and love, good things happen — especially when the greatest of these is love.

I borrowed that “greatest of these is love” leadership principle from the Bible — the best leadership book ever written.

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