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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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I spent much of the past week reminiscing.  I don’t do a lot in the way of looking backwards, but on occasion something jogs the memory and I become immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of a time gone by.  My pragmatic subconscious brow beats me to return to the current world, but I broke ranks over the past seven days and chose to wander about in a number of memories ranging from 10 to 30 years ago.  The emotions were near the surface on many an occasion, and big doses of “chicken skin” showed up unannounced at least six times – confirming my journey backwards was worth the time and effort.

Sports fans know that it was just over a decade ago that the St. Louis Rams returned from Atlanta, Georgia carrying the coveted Lombardi Trophy – signifying our position as the greatest in the world of American football.  The emotion was significant as I sat in a suspended stupor calling upon my memory bank to make all the necessary withdrawals of the best football memory of my life.  The clarity in my mind’s eye was crystal clear.  I stood in the middle of my family room beside my son for the last quarter, too nervous to sit.  My heart rate was pumping through my Ram’s shirt as if I was pedaling a bike.  And when the final horn sounded, I welled-up with joy.  My wife laughed.

The same welling-up filled my eyes this past Friday (my wife’s too) when the little heralded quarterback of that worst-to-first season, Kurt Warner, retired.  He’s my all-time favorite quarterback on the field, and an even better man off the gridiron.  As the local media broadcast Kurt’s story, his accomplishments and his humanitarianism, the emotions rushed in all over again.

Kurt was only one chapter in this week’s book of memories.  I turned the page and here we went again.  On January 30, I celebrated 23 years as an employee of St. Louis Community Credit Union.  It is fun to think back on the employees, the members, the good times, the bad, and the feelings attached to each.  SLCCU has basically served as the backdrop to my adult life.  Imagine all the emotions, scenery, people and events as brushstrokes from a thousand swatches of color – with SLCCU as the bold, blue canvas framing the 23 years.  It’s been great helping people.

Finally, as my wife retrieved and catalogued our music discs from years of accumulation, I found my Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band LIVE CD (circa 1975).  I listened and sang at the top of my lungs as I rocked the interior of my car.  I stepped back to the mid-seventies and loved every second of it.  In one of his songs, “Traveling Man,” the lyrics say: “I see the faces, I see the traces they left on my soul, and those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul” – serious chicken skin.  That’s my week in a nutshell.

As I traveled back in time over the past week, those lyrics best depicted all I thought of during the week.  It was a great week – as a “Traveling Man”.  I loved the journey that once was, and to recapture a piece of it this past week was well worth the time.  Might I recommend the occasional trip down memory lane?

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