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Add That to the List — Happy Thoughts

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ice cream sundaeEvery once in a while, we celebrate in a big way. A night out on the town. On our radar is a dinner that includes as many courses as reasonable. Think appetizer, entree and dessert as the primary goal. Dessert is usually shared as a result of the loaf of bread consumed while waiting for appetizers. The bread is of the fancy kind, and we just can’t seem to stop ourselves. It almost always happens that way.   

With dessert came the waiter’s comment that I can’t seem to get out of my mind. Tom was his name, and he was a top-drawer kind of guy. He left us alone but was always there when we needed him. That’s an art form. When you’re a waiter, you are considered at the top of your trade when you’re not noticed but always there. Tom, our waiter, was cut from the same cloth as his namesake, superstar quarterback Tom Brady — MVPs, both of them.

With dessert placed on the table, Tom asked the following: “Would you like whipped cream with your dessert?” With a heaping spoonful of double chocolate fudge tart smothered in natural vanilla bean ice cream decorated with caramel already stuck in my pie hole, I acknowledged him with a convincing, almost violent, affirmative headshake. A little harder response on my part, and the spoon might have flown out of my mouth. He smiled and confirmed what has always been known, but never stated: “Whipped cream and bacon make everything better.” Bingo, Tom.

I’m in total agreement with Tom’s analysis, and I can’t help but to think what else might be in the category of whipped cream and bacon that makes life a little better. Do you have any ideas? There are others, I’m sure, but I just can’t seem to focus now that I have whipped cream and bacon consuming the limited space available in my already overtaxed cranium.

The powdery scent of a new baby should be on the list. Frank’s RedHot sauce goes on the list as well. A heavily frosted, ice-cold beer glass and a child’s hug seem to work. So does cheese (any cheese). Only adding bacon to a burger works better than cheese. They figured this out years ago and have charged accordingly for it.  A clean car, a great pillow, a warm towel and a kiss from your favorite dog have to be high on the list as well.

Here’s something to do when you’re sitting thinking about nothing special. Spend a few minutes thinking about those things that make you happy. You know what happens? You end up becoming very happy and content. Add that to the list — happy thoughts.  They really do make everything better, even whipped cream and bacon. Sorry, Tom.

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