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Amid The Turmoil, We’re The ‘Anti-Man’

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I was having a discussion earlier this week with a number of intelligent, articulate, well-centered, intuitive young people. Both Generation X and Y were fairly represented (I was the lone baby boomer). Our range of topics was as diverse as the generations they represent, and these “up and comers” were anything but shy as we broached subject after subject – real life, in-your-face sort of stuff. Unfiltered, uncensored and unmitigated honesty might best describe the give-and-take of this hour-long, whirlwind conversation.

At some point, we ended up on the subject of “The Man.” Not being a complete “fuddy-duddy” (although using that term would suggest I might be one), I knew about “The Man.” “The Man,” in this case, is not Stan Musial, but rather a wide interpretation of the institutional icons of our country (i.e. the establishment). “The Man” is a euphemism for the unfortunate corruption found in the political, religious, educational and business sectors of society. “The Man” is Wall Street, among others.

After understanding that the group had little empathy or respect for “The Man” and would not hesitate (if given the opportunity) to stick it to said figurative representation of all that might be wrong with the world, I introduced the concept of “The Anti-Man.” Given the disdain just displayed, I was taking a chance, but what the heck…nothing ventured, nothing gained. Could St. Louis Community Credit Union be “The Anti-Man?” The collective quizzical look I received indicated a need for explanation.

I gave it my best shot. Here goes…I said: “We’re local, small by comparison, and a member-owned financial cooperative. We exist only to serve our members and, as a result, are not-for-profit. Nobody gets rich working for a credit union. We are people helping people to insure that those who join our credit union gain an increased standard of living and a better lifestyle. We don’t gouge you with fees. Our rates are some of the best, and we’re at your beck and call with great service…all of us – me too. So what do you think? Is St. Louis Community the Anti-Man?”

They agreed and gave me a nod of approval. Spread the word!


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