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An Open Letter To Oprah About The Value Of Credit Unions

On September 14th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

Dear Oprah:

I think you are one of our great American treasures.  If serving people is the standard bearer for measuring one’s contribution to society’s well-being, then you are on a very short list of the best of the best.  Thanks for all that you do – and I know that you agree there is more to do – helping people, that is.

As a 52-year-old guy, I’m probably not the demographic you expect to receive letters from.  But if you’re going to hit a home-run, you have to swing the bat.  So, here’s one more letter.  I can’t imagine how many of these you receive, so I’ll be brief.

Oprah, we need your help to support credit unions as a means by which to increase peoples’ standard of living and better their lifestyles.  You are so much about providing value to your viewers that promoting credit unions would be a natural for you and your brand.  Next time you do one of those “your favorite things show” would be a really good time to talk about credit unions.  Seriously, your favorite stuff is all about providing great value, making people feel good, creating comfort and improving people’s lives.  That being said, credit unions are right up your alley.  I promise!

Talk about an exciting, invigorating show – oh, my gosh!  Okay, maybe I’m fudging a little on the whole “jump up and down and scream” piece, but Oprah, you’re smart enough to know that folks have to start putting more money in their own pocket(s) versus the financial services monsters’ pockets.  Big banks are getting rich on the back of Main Street and, as a result, they are hurting middle America.  The “harder I work, the behinder I get” is discussion heard around way too many kitchen tables.  How ‘bout you and I start working together to ensure people understand credit unions as a better option?

Oprah, here are just a few adjectives that should describe a person’s financial services relationship: trusted, safe, caring, loving, ethical, dedicated, supportive and beneficial.  Unfortunately, behemoth banks don’t conjure up these warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Nope…but credit unions do.  Really Oprah, I’m not kidding. Unfortunately, the big bank corporate mantra is to make money for their stockholders.  That’s not what’s needed in the neighborhoods that tune in to watch your show on a daily basis.

Thanks, Oprah, for all you do.  I sense that if credit unions got together with you on a regular basis to provide financial education, we’d have some serious momentum toward making folks’ lives a lot better.  Imagine an exciting, made-for-TV production that would allow us to get the message of smart financial management across to millions of people.  You know…”teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime.”

On a personal note, I’m probably your next Dr. Oz.  No, seriously, I really am.  Let’s get together and talk over lunch sometime – my treat.

2 Responses to “An Open Letter To Oprah About The Value Of Credit Unions”

  • Michelle Volkmann says:

    Patrick, If you do become the next Dr.Oz or better yet Dr. Credit Union — will you have me on the show??Your Friend in Credit Union Land, Michelle Volkmann South Community Credit Union

  • Rachel Nynas says:

    Patrick, Long time no see. In reading your various blogs, you continue to amaze me but this one really stood out. Your point is so absolutely RIGHT on! I do hope you hear from her because after all it’s about helping others.Cheers to you, my friend.

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