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Attitude is Everything

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“Woe is me.” A popular phrase uttered by way too many. “Suck it up Buttercup.” A popular phrase often used to remind those stating the former, “Woe is me” statement. Failure is easy to accept.  Fighting back is hard.  I lean toward fighting back. 

I’m regularly reminded that somebody has it worse than I do. When you know that somewhere in a children’s hospital (like Cardinal Glennon, Children’s Hospital, or Shriner’s Hospital) there is a young person on their 28th surgery and they are not yet 10-years-old, you are reminded of life’s stark reality – your situation just ain’t that bad.

SLCCU was in dire straits when I showed up thirty-one years ago. Now, I wasn’t the end-all answer, rather, I was part of new team being established to turn things around. Had we entered the fray with a “woe is me” attitude, we would surely have failed. The regulators of credit unions in the state would have required a merger with another credit union and POOF… SLCCU would never again be. And where would that have left the thousands of underserved consumers we have so aptly helped in the many years since? Glad we sucked it up Buttercup.

Here’s a couple of things to think about.

First and foremost, our attitude was one that emphasized that on the other side of obstacles is opportunity. That same feeling exists today. Our leadership team is never discouraged to the point of throwing in the towel. Getting over the problems in order to create opportunity is so much more rewarding than taking on an attitude of defeat.

Second, we know that the best things come out of conflict. Ease is good (don’t get me wrong), but there is a certain sense of accomplishment when a problem is overcome.

We overcame our share to get to where we are today. In this our 75th anniversary year, there is so much for which to be thankful. We celebrate our nearly 54,000 members, our 175 employees, our fifteen branches, our over $130 million in loans, our proud tradition of affordable products that meets the needs of our members, plus financial education and one-on-one coaching.

It is all a part of our proud tradition and who we are today. But there was a couple of years starting in 1987 when the credit union’s existence hung in the balance. Problems were many and solutions were desperately needed. A team was formed to bring us over the hump. Nice job to the team. Many still call SLCCU their workplace.

I’m glad we knew that on the other side of obstacles, there would be opportunity. I’m glad we knew that the best things come out of conflict. It makes our 75th celebration just that much sweeter.

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