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Backyards Are Overrated

On September 8th, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

lawn careBackyards are overrated. People put much too much energy, money, value and consideration into what goes on in a backyard. Usually, not much.

Is it because of all these shows on the “home fixer-upper” station that people think the backyard is now on equal footing with a modernized kitchen or bath? Please! I spend no time in my backyard, but as evidenced by my waistline, I’m in my kitchen all the time.

Yes, you may be out back, but I’m not talking about your deck or patio — I’m talking time in the backyard. Seriously, if you’re not mowing it, do you even set foot in it? Picking up dog doo-doo doesn’t count either. You’re not there much — that’s the right answer, plain and simple. Oh, but what about where the kids play? Please! They’re in the front of the house riding their bikes, chalking the sidewalks and the driveways, playing catch in the street. Or they’re inside blowing up the world on some video game. Stop it now with the need for a perfect backyard.

One of my kids has a perfectly flat, well-manicured, fenced backyard that features a really cool swing set, complete with a fort and everything. Where are the grandkids? Where do you think? In the front yard playing with the neighbor kids.

Most of the time, backyards aren’t even good for show. See, they’re in the back — making them hard to show off. Sure, you can see some backyards as you ride around, but who’s paying attention? I’m paying attention, that’s who!

I was in the car on a recent Saturday and decided to do my own survey. It was a beautiful day. The weather was an August kiss — low 70s in the morning, minimal humidity and perfect, sunny skies. I mean, absolutely beautiful. Yes, this was the day to be in the backyard — playing catch, swinging on the swing set, kicking the soccer ball, chasing the dog, catching some rays or just hanging out in your favorite lawn chair.

How many people did I see? “Survey says…NOBODY.” Not one of these backyards had anyone in it. Beautiful yards adorned with thousands of dollars’ worth of shrubs, ornate stone walls, patio furniture and patio umbrellas in full bloom dotting the deep green, plush yards with a kaleidoscope of colors. And not a person in any of them.

Cut it out with the whole “I need a really special backyard” mindset. FOR WHAT? You’re fooling yourself if you think you’ll get your money’s worth out of the investment made in a backyard. Plant some grass, keep it green — maybe. After that — phooey.

Here’s an idea. Take your money and build yourself a shower with multiple heads, a marble bench and a steam room feature. You’ll use that at least once a day.

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