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Be as Selfless, Humble and Loving as We Possibly Can

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Christians celebrate Easter and the unselfishness, agape love, selflessness and humility that it represents. ‘Tis the season when I get on my own last nerve more than the rest of the year for not always practicing such warm human traits. While I attempt to be unselfish, love without strings and to practice being more self-effacing, I lose. Not always – but I fail on way too many occasions.

I practice conscious thought against the ills of the world, but I still have a scorecard as to what others are doing, and that’s something that frustrate me about me. At least I’m trying right? At least I’m one of those folks who tries not to subscribe to the mantra of today’s “me” generation. This whole “what’s in it for me” is a disease that has a chokehold on what is best about the human spirit: care, love, compassion and giving for our fellow human being.

What about people who don’t have the conscious thought? There are many who have adopted the world’s mores of dysfunction and disregard for social decorum as their benchmark. It’s as if they proudly wear their rudeness and ill-regard for others as a badge of honor. New Yorkers used to be the poster child for such activity, but it has taken on a plague-like, pervasive move across the country, and few, if any, parts of our blessed land are free of selfish ugliness toward each other.

I held a door open for a woman about my age last week. She walked through, head down and offered not a word of thanks. I didn’t even get a grunt. It was a conscious act of kindness on my part, yet I expected something in return. My action was loving, humble and unselfish. I opened the door because of my Christian upbringing and my desire to ensure that my actions reflect my heart. That’s enough – shouldn’t it be? So why am I writing about it a week later? See, this is what gets on my nerves about me. It’s frustrating to have this mental scorecard. UGH!

I witnessed a man interrupting a woman who was ordering lunch from a waitress because he was in a hurry to get his and move on. I’ve watched as news broadcasts show cars being vandalized because somebody’s favorite sports team won a championship. Really, this is the new definition of celebration – disregard for a fellow human being’s property?

Sadly, there are people who have so little regard for others that they don’t even know how to act when someone opens their home to them. I’m old school. When you are a guest in someone’s house, you respect their property and their ways. To take, take, take and trounce on the host’s goodness seems antithetical. Believe me, it happens. I just wish I could be less selfish about what I feel, but here I am revisiting that mental scorecard. UGH again!

This is the time of year Christians celebrate the most selfless act in the history of the world. It is a fallen world, yes, but can’t we give it our best effort and practice conscious thought to be as selfless, humble and loving as we possibly can. We will never rival Jesus’ ultimate act of love, but we would have a much, much better world if we gave it the old college try.

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