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Be Happy With Your Place In Life

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I saw something not too long ago that defined what is meant by the phrase “drawing the short straw.”  Being a bunny rabbit in the city is sad.  An urban bunny has got to be a tough gig.   I think it’s even more depressing than subdivision deer.  The ecosystem is way out of whack when your worst predator is a Buick.

To see a malnourished, little bunny making its way across a three-foot strip of median grass, then a 50-foot asphalt parking lot, up a cement abutment into a gravel alley is just not the way things are supposed to work.  The closest thing to a lettuce patch is an overflowing dumpster out back of the local “greasy spoon.”  Getting there might be tough though – the traffic count on the busy street is somewhere around 15,000 Buicks per day.

You’ve got to admit that the thought of “Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the four lane concrete bunny trail” is painstakingly raw.  It’s an ominous vision.  If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, you’re a hardened dude.  My dad would call you “hardboiled.”    If you’ve got even the slightest bit of empathy in your heart, it should put a little moisture in the corner of your eye to think of Mr. Bunny’s trials and tribulations.  He and his bunny buddies should be in open fields, far from the hustle, bustle and intersections of a busy city.  The city is too busy for bunnies.

Can it get any worse than this bunny saga?  Maybe.  How would you like to have an address that ends in Honolulu, Hawaii?  That can’t be too bad, can it?  Not too fast!

A few years back, I’m making my way around the Hilton hotel on Waikiki Beach one very early morning.  It was pre-dawn in the islands and I was out for a walk.  I had been up for about six hours due to the time change.  That and the fact that I’m part farm animal and must rise before dawn – no matter what sealed my fate to be up and out of the room by 2:00 a.m.  Suddenly, even more heart wrenching than my bunny story, there among the balmy trade winds of this island paradise were a couple of penguins.  They were hanging out on white painted rocks to fool them into believing they were in the North Pole is my guess.  That’s got to be a sad pair of penguins.  When’s the last time it got below 70 degrees in Honolulu?

I say all this to say that the next time you think you got “dissed,” remember the plight of the city bunny and our tropical penguin friends.  It could always be worse.  Be happy with your place in life.

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