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Believe in the Good of Man

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compassionate handsThe world is groaning right now. The sounds of pain and unrest are everywhere. The fire pit of goodness and caring has been covered by the heavily-laden ashes of fires that have been burning since biblical times.

Based on what you have read or may have heard on TV or radio, one is led to believe that the flames of love and compassion for each other have been extinguished. It’s time to get out the poker, clear the ashes of a long-burning fire and, one by one, start making a difference.

To those of you who share with me a belief in the good of man, be advised that love has not flamed out, it just appears that way because of a 24-hour news cycle that is visibly giddy to report that the world is rife with anger, impatience and intolerance. Turn off the TV. Get off the couch and use your inherent goodness to make a positive difference. We must quiet the audible groans of a world filled with pain and dismay.

I refuse to believe that there isn’t good in everyone. Granted, there are those among us who allow hate to reign supreme, but matching off evil with evil plays right into the bad guys’ hands, creating a tumultuous world focused on a vengeful approach to getting even, rather than one that props people up with love and service for one another.

The world doesn’t need another fist in the face. We need a soft pat on the hand that provides comfort to each other that things will work out for the good. It starts with you and me. I’m going to put you on the honor system. It’s time to truly abhor what is evil and cling to what is good.

Your kind words and giving hand may be the catalyst to one person changing the world for the good. You know that, right? One person can change the world. You believe that, right? You should. It has happened throughout history and is well-documented. What’s of interest to me is what occurred prior to that? My guess is that at some point in the world-changer’s life there was a show of love, compassion, giving, caring, kindness, and goodness – all of which were present in one form or another to serve as a motivation.

Somewhere, somehow, goodness had an impact. Feed the hungry, clothe the cold, befriend the lonely, give to the beggar, hold the scared, tolerate the different and praise the downtrodden. Make this upcoming year your year for making a difference.

Pretty simple. It’s time to crowd out the pain and unrest by taking your personal fire poker and move the burden of the suffocating ashes aside to allow for oxygen to re-ignite the flames of good to burn hot, bright and strong. Yes, it is true. One person can change the world. Make that one person you.

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