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Bet You I Don’t Forget Next Year

On February 21st, 2017, posted in: Just Because, Uncategorized by

felt hearts on clotheslineTime marches on. I’m older, things ache and my eyes aren’t as good. Patience is tested more often, belts don’t stretch as far and I have an uncontrollable desire to wear plaids with stripes. There are issues I remain passionate about, and there are those that once moved me that today don’t even register. Yes, time marches on.

I am passionate about my kids, grandkids and wife. Which makes my faux pas of last week so painful. I don’t want to think of it as forgetfulness, but maybe time, between last year and this year, has begun taking its toll. Yes, Father Time keeps on marching.

It was Wednesday the 15th. My cell phone rang about 2 p.m. The name showed it to be my youngest daughter. Given that she doesn’t call me (only text), I figured one of two things: either she was in trouble, or she butt-dialed me by accident.

I answered with her nickname, “Hey He-He.” She wanted to know if I still loved her with just a twinge of sarcasm. Her call was prompted by the fact that for the first time in her life (literally), I didn’t tell her how much I loved her on VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! No flowers, card, valentine, phone call, text, NOTHING!!!

Something shot right through me like electricity. Yes, I had forgotten both her and my dear daughter Katie. The streak had ended — one for 30 years and one for 28.  I was heartbroken.  I’m not that busy, and I’m not that old to forget “daddy’s little girls.” Truly, I was devastated and have not been able to get it out of my mind since. I beg forgiveness for my forgetfulness.

I joked on the phone and acted cavalier, dismissive, and full of excuses, but the truth is, I am so disappointed. That’s not my style. I had spoken to Katie the night before Valentine’s Day, while we FaceTimed my lovely 10-month-old grandbaby Hattie Dell as she scooted eggs and cheese from her high chair to her dog’s mouth below. I must have said I loved them both 20 times. But nothing, zero, nada, butkus on VALENTINE’S DAY for either Katie or He-He!!!

Yes, I traveled that day, but I’ve traveled before. I was busy, too, but I’m always busy. My wife and I had agreed no gifts, cards, flowers, fancy dinners, etc. between the two of us. Okay, maybe that’s why the whole day was pushed to some recessed part of my consciousness, such that I didn’t have a clue that Tuesday was a big day filled with tradition. UGH!!

I love my daughters dearly. They know it. I say it all the time, but I didn’t say it on Tuesday past and for that I’m disappointed. Yes, time marches on, but I need to stay in step. Bet you I don’t forget next year.

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