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Building Relationships That Last

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You’ve heard it said many times…“You can’t be all things to all people.” That’s probably true, but at St. Louis Community Credit Union, we do our very best to be “most things to most people.” We offer a full array of products, services and convenience at highly competitive prices. And, quite frankly, most of our members would wholeheartedly agree.

Yet, there will always be someone who is shopping for a new financial institution and looking for something a little different or with a little higher rate. Or maybe the motivation is an even greater level of convenience. As a result, they may go elsewhere. We are flattered that they considered us and disappointed that we weren’t their first choice. But first and foremost, we want the consumer to find the best place for them and their family.

We want a relationship with our members that is more than a great rate or a low fee. Yeah, we have both, but the relationship is what we want. We want our members to be our friends – long term. That’s when we can help the most. The greatest honor our members can pay us is to give us all of their business all of the time.

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