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Carolina On My Mind

On April 6th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

Tonight, two college basketball teams meet in order to determine who will earn the coveted title of “best of the best.” What started out as 64 combatants most commonly known as March Madness has been reduced to Michigan State University vs. the University of North Carolina. Who’s going to win? I don’t really care. I’ll watch for the historic significance, fair play, the high level of competition, and the emotion and passion put forth by such talented young men.

While I have no favorite in tonight’s contest, upon seeing that North Carolina was in the mix caused my mind to drift to an easier time. Somehow, I ended up in Mayberry. Suddenly, I was daydreaming and found myself on Andy Taylor’s front porch. Sheriff Taylor was lightly strumming his guitar. Barney was sound asleep. Sitting right next to me was Aunt Bea. She was knitting while Opie sat on the creaky planks of the old wooden porch completely occupied by a small block of wood and a pocket knife – whittling away at what would ultimately be next week’s toy. Ah, times were easy.

You see…as the show portrayed, make-believe Mayberry was tucked away in the rolling hills of beautiful North Carolina. Times were simple. No electronics and no such thing as information overload. Never in a single episode was their discussion of unemployment, deflation, stagflation, inflation, TARP, or corporate bonuses. Oh, once there was a little stink over a young man who rode his bike on the sidewalk, but beyond that there wasn’t much going on. Quiet, peaceful, loving, simple and neighborly – the residents of Mayberry had it all – or so you would think. There was no credit union in Mayberry; well, every community has its Achilles heel!

You’re probably asking yourself, where’s he headed with this? Nowhere. There’s no mind-bending takeaway from this commentary beyond this…take a deep breath, think positive thoughts, and learn to appreciate what you have. Be happy. Think of what gives you peace. Let a daydream take you to that place where the corner of your mouth turns upward just a little with a smile of contentment. For me, Mayberry came to mind. And for that short respite of time, I felt soothed and comforted. I thought…yeah, things will be OK. And you know what? They will!

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