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Celestial Fire Burns Bright At Credit Union

On February 22nd, 2011, posted in: Uncategorized by 2 Comments

If you’ve ever been to our South City office, you know Amy.  She is one of those “there you are” people, which says about all you need to know as it relates to why she’s considered a great employee and an even better person.  She’s a long-timer with a passion for what we do for our members.

Amy sent me something really cool this past week.  In perfect time with our celebration of the President’s Day holiday, she had stumbled across a really cool quote from George Washington: “Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire – called conscience.”

Yep, Amy, that is sage advice, my friend.  While St. Louis Community Credit Union practices having a conscience every day of our existence, a prevailing lack of conscience in some of America’s iconic institutions has unfortunately diseased our world.  And that “spark” spoken to so eloquently by President Washington has been drenched by a “what’s in it for me?” selfishness that is killing the golden goose of American progress.

Too much short-term thinking by our political leaders and our business executives has muted innovation, creativity and forethought to a world beyond the next election cycle, or the quarterly earnings estimates demanded by Wall Street.  There is little “conscience” displayed for planting a tree today for which generations to come will have the opportunity to sit in its shade.  If economic sustainability is best described as the use of resources today in a manner to ensure that future generations do not suffer and, even better yet, prosper, then we are failing miserably.

Yes, Mrs. Calabash, we have pressing issues with Wall Street.  But not necessarily for the reasons that Senator Dodd and Representative Frank set out to fix through a myriad of regulation (and didn’t do so in many regards).  The indigenous problems of business leaders today emanates from Wall Street’s ravenous appetite for this quarter’s profit numbers and not much else.  An immediate results and instant gratification mindset is demanded of the world of investment.  As a result, “conscience” for the future is buried out back with progress, prosperity, innovation, creativity and sustainability.

As for our political leaders, finding their “conscience” would appear to be an exercise in futility.  What’s more important, the future wealth of our country or re-election?  Actions speak louder than words.  “Conscience” would appear to have been gobbled up along with Statesman status by the insatiable desire to keep one’s office at the capitol building (both state and national).  No, I’m not talking about everyone, but in way too many instances this odorous shoe fits.

Back to Amy.  With her jaw set and her eyes piercing, she reminded me that we own the trademarked phrase “The Social Conscience of Banking.”  She didn’t have to say anything else; her look said it all.  Yes, Amy, we will continue to take that charge seriously.  Now, and in the future, our celestial fire burns.

2 Responses to “Celestial Fire Burns Bright At Credit Union”

  • sherry lincoln says:

    I could name several employees at “Amy's” branch that are awesome, but this is about Amy. I have been a member for several years now, and have had the pleasure of getting to know her. She ALWAYS has a smile! She is the essence of St. Louis Comm. for me, caring, helpful, friendly, and most of all REAL! Don't ever let her go!

  • A forever member... Steve says:

    My husband visited South City Branch today and Amy assisted him. He is not one to usually comment on “good service” but as soon as I got home he told me this was the first time he has ever had such “GREAT service” at any bank or credit union. He said she was so nice and so helpful. He really raved about the service he recieved. Of course I know Amy because I usually do the banking but he just couldn't stop talking about it.

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