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Change Is A Positive Part Of Our Corporate Culture

On January 6th, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

Change is a relative term. It means different things to different people. We all have varying views as to what the word change means. The “other side” of change is what bothers most people – call it fear of the unknown.

It’s key, however, that when an organization sets out to change, they enlist the support of every single employee. As St. Louis Community Credit Union moves into 2009, our 100-plus employees are prepared to move in concert in order that we can make the necessary changes to improve every member’s standard of living and better their lifestyle.

In 2009, St. Louis Community has assembled a team of employees that has great chemistry. Just like a great sports team, we all have a singular goal. We put our personal beliefs, likes and dislikes aside, and focus on what’s best for the members. Yes, we embrace change as a positive part of our corporate culture.

This year’s changes include a commitment to the development of new products. We want all of our members’ business, and if we need to change our approach to product development, we will. Changes to service will include a greater attention to answering phone calls in a timely manner. Changes will also occur to insure that we have the right staffing and scheduling during peak periods of office traffic.

While change may intimidate some people because of the unknown, our staff has committed to doing it the right way. We’ve committed to being on the same page. We will put forth a focused energy by and between our employees in all branches and all departments. As a result, our members will be the benefactors of change.

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  • Patrick Alexander says:

    Its good to know that STLCCU is moving forward with the times and improving its great service to its members.

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