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Convenience Is Key

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I can’t wait to see our members’ feedback on how we’re doing. While most members are pleased with the Credit Union’s efforts, some are not. Those are the ones I really like to review. We study them hard to help gain an understanding of what’s going on in their relationship with the Credit Union. From there, we can begin finding solutions to meet their needs.

A recurring theme is that St. Louis Community Credit Union is not convenient enough for a member’s busy lifestyle. While it’s impossible to put an ATM in everyone’s kitchen or a branch at the end of every block, we continue to attack the need for convenience from a reasonable, caring perspective. We know our members are busy and we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Absolutely, completely FREE debit cards minimize the need for cash – we have 25,000 free ATMs nationwide. Direct deposit eliminates the need to visit an office. FREE home banking allows for complete account access 24/7. FREE E-statements and our web site allow for access to information on the member’s schedule rather than waiting for “snail mail.” FREE bill pay saves time and money. ‘Round-the-clock account access through the MAX phone service adds even more convenience. Plus, we have online loan applications and much more!

We hear you regarding the desire for more branch offices, and we continue to work in that direction. In fact, stay tuned for some exciting news coming soon. However, it’s worth a reminder that the Credit Union will remain focused on convenience in between the roll-out of new office locations in the future.

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