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Creating Generational Change

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Sixty-six years after our credit union came into existence, my thoughts drift to the history of our significant contribution to the success of our members and the community. When you reach 66 years of age, you definitely have had the chance to create generational change.

St. Louis Community Credit Union has made its way onto the branches of many a family tree – helping great grandparents, grandparents, parents and the current generation of kids. Looking at the other branches of the family tree, we’ve taken care of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces. Chances are…we’ve even taken care of your neighbors’ family tree, as well!

St. Louis Community is more than a credit union. We’re generational changers. It is our intent to continue creating echoes of financial change for many more years to come. That takes a business plan that concerns itself with more than the next quarterly earnings report. We have a business plan that extends to 15 years. Interestingly enough, that’s just about one generation in time.

Part of our plan calls for an outstanding team of people who are out and about, in the community, working diligently to insure that financial education is readily available to adults and kids alike. That’s the starting point for generational change.

If today’s generation of financial services users learn key money management skills that include a good understanding of how to budget; knowing how to avoid paying expensive fees; and making smart choices in the selection of accounts that meet their lifestyle; then that knowledge can be passed forward for generations to come. Those echoes of financial success will resound throughout the family tree, making for greater wealth for all who follow. And as a result, St. Louis Community will continue building on our storied tradition as a generational changer.

Listen for the echo. And more importantly, please pass it along.

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