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Devoted to the Cause of Freedom

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freedomHarriet Tubman’s picture will be on the $20 dollar bill. I’ve got no problem with that. Do you know of her good work? Should you know of her good work? Yes, you must know of her good work because she symbolizes what greatness is.

Harriet Tubman’s work was tireless, unselfish and at great peril. Her hardships were many. She was not celebrated in the tabloids of her time. There was no social media or 24-hour news feed that made her great. She was great, because of what she did, not because of the paparazzi and some high-brow talent agent. There were no big crowds gathered to shower her with praise. She did her difficult job after sunset – usually during the winter because of the long, dark nights.

Her commendations were a brief and heartfelt “God bless you” from the enslaved that she led out of bondage into freedom. As Frederick Douglass noted in a letter to Ms. Tubman: “The midnight sky and the silent stars have been the witnesses of your devotion to freedom and of your heroism.” Yet she persevered motivated by her devotion to the cause of freedom. She labored privately without fanfare or public encouragement.

In a world completely occupied with self, she was selfless. Ms. Tubman was of great character, truthful and trustworthy. She lived her life as should we all in the service of our fellow man. I am a huge admirer of the humility she displayed.

Seventy enslaved families and friends of families were saved by “Moses.” She received that nickname because of her work, much like that of the biblical prophet who led the Hebrews from Egypt.

There are great people today working tirelessly somewhere doing God’s good work to free people. Quietly, without fanfare, without notoriety. Bondage exists in a number of ways in our current world. There are those in abusive relationships, those addicted to drugs or alcohol, and there remain young men and women enslaved for sex or child labor. Whatever the reason, I assure you that there are angels disguised as moms, dads, friends, pastors, neighbors and community servants doing what they can to ensure their freedom. God bless each of them. God bless Harriet Tubman.

I have a new grandbaby named Hattie Dell. She was born just three weeks prior to the announcement that the $20 bill would grace the portrait of Ms. Tubman. Hattie is short for Harriet. I hope that my dear Hattie’s life is filled with the same love, devotion and character of that displayed by Ms. Tubman. If Hattie’s works are half as meaningful as the works of the celebrated abolitionist Harriet Tubman, I, for one, will be blessed beyond my highest expectation.

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