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climber giving hand upLots of goings-on around our world have created vulnerable populations. George Clooney, in a Wall Street Journal editorial, goes on to implore all of us to do more to alleviate the problems of the world and their debilitating impact. Yes, the same George Clooney who played an extra years ago in the series Roseanne.

Mr. Clooney was focused on international issues in his comments. He spoke of unaccompanied children, imminent hunger and better access to education. And yes, more humanitarian aid. He listed additional tools to beat back inaction and galvanize progress. Who could argue with such concern for our fellow human beings?

If I were to get an audience with Mr. Clooney, I would remind him that his thoughts are noble, and I for one am behind the effort. I would also encourage him to look domestically, as the same concerns exist in many our urban and rural communities right here in the states. Take St. Louis as an example.

In the editorial, Mr. Clooney discusses the need to harness the power of business to advance humanitarian solutions. Generally speaking, there is no question that businesses want to be more socially responsible. Yes, they have big hearts, humanitarian empathy and, according to the stock market, lots of income. I suggest that they can do so in their own community in addition to any leanings they might have internationally.

As an example, a strategy by which business can funnel money through resources who already have “boots on the ground” is readily available through St. Louis Community Credit Union and our dear friends at Prosperity Connection. There are many others as well.

High-capacity human services organizations that dedicate their mission to helping people to increase their standard of living and better their lifestyle,; feeding the hungry, and protecting and working with children are out there. Businesses need to offer financial assistance, volunteer hours, and administrative support as government aid has the potential of being eliminated, cut or, at the least, hung up in a game of bureaucratic ping-pong.

Business is creative. How exciting would it be for business executives and human services leaders to join forces to solve community problems? Imagine if some of their creativity was spent on addressing the root causes of societal ills.

Addressing hunger, providing healthcare, improving education, solving the expense of daycare, providing for transportation to gain better job opportunities and bringing healthy foods to worlds full of fast foods and convenience stores are all opportunities for local businesses to align with “boots on the ground.” We’re here — feel free to help.

Mr. Clooney is right with his hope for care for so many. So is SLCCU. Join us, please.

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