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Doing vs. Talking

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On the back of a tiny blue book jacket found in a corner bookstore in a place a thousand miles away from here, I found five lines and 28 words that reminded me of why I get up and go to the Credit Union every day.  Our work is bigger than our jobs, and every once in awhile, a good reminder serves to re-energize and recalibrate one’s attention to doing what is right.

“There should be less talk;
A preaching point is not a meeting point.
What do you do then?
Take a broom and clean someone’s house.
That says enough.”

The author of such a beautiful verse is as qualified as any to speak with gracious eloquence on the subject of “doing vs. talking.”  Mother Teresa was one of the best known women of the twentieth century for doing not talking.  Obviously, her spoken and written words were as moving and meaningful as any person of her time, yet when one thinks of this incredible servant, we think of her works – tireless works.

Here’s the revelation that slapped me upside the head as I stood numbed by this bright blue book cover I now held in my hand – I use this blog as “preaching point.”  I’m always talking.

Week after week, month after month, year after year, I have written thousands of words sharing what I hope are the virtues of St. Louis Community Credit Union in our efforts to promote economic empowerment and community well-being.  While I enjoy writing my weekly prose, you may not be meeting me at my preaching point.  To many, my words may be useless drivel.  Who out there may categorize my writings as inane blather?

In a world littered with blogs, tweets and texts full of preaching, it is likely that information overload may be the only real result.  But I can’t help myself.  I will be apt to continue my “preaching” of the greatness of St. Louis Community Credit Union in hopes that a few will find my “preaching point a meeting point.”  After all, as President/CEO, part of the job description is to be the number one cheerleader.

But for those who question the preaching; for those reluctant to think that a financial institution “gives back;” then I say to you: go look at our good works.  Check out our staff, our products, our services, our financial education, and our rates and fees.  We’ve picked up the broom and cleaned thousands of homes from financial stress.  We’ve scoured the community with a moral responsibility to make people’s lives better.  Take a look for yourself.  Chances are you know somebody who has been touched by our “works.”

Our hard work in the community truly does say enough about who we are and why we exist – although chances are I’ll keep talking.

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