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Don’t Lose Sight Of The Main Thing

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I find myself in airports waiting to jet my way to another exotic destination (like Oklahoma City) often enough that, every once in awhile, I end up in a conversation with a pilot.  On one particular occasion, I remarked that there must be a lot going on in the cockpit given all the gadgets, dials, screens, levers, etc., etc.  Given my unsophisticated and rather juvenile description of the tools of his trade, he was able to discern that I was just being friendly as opposed to being interested in what truly happens in his office at 30,000 ft.

He said something that spawned a great deal of thought.  “Yep, there are a lot of moving parts, but really landing the plane safely is the only thing that matters to people.”  Who can argue with that focus?  Simple, succinct and meaningful were his words.  I thought for a moment.  Everything important can probably best be described in just a few words.

I think it was the late Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes who said “the main thing is that the main thing is the main thing.”  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Peeling back the onion of all that we do will lead us to what matters most in every situation, i.e. the “main thing.”  Football coaches are usually pretty good at focusing on what matters most.  There are a hundred life lessons found in the quotes of football coaches throughout the ages.  One of my favorites came from my Pee-Wee coach who gathered a cadre of seven-year-olds together and reminded all of us 60-70 lb. future superstars that “only a mother loves a loser.”  Eye-opening at seven, yet “the main thing” was well-established.

Yes, the main thing is the main thing.  After that, the rest is just a means to an end.  Get the patient healthy; land the plane safely; make the student smarter; drive to arrive alive;  go to heaven; love your fellow man; and make sure that nobody gets sick over lunch are all great examples of the ultimate goal for those who prescribe to Woody’s words of wisdom.

In the world of St. Louis Community Credit Union, we know that the main thing is helping our members to increase their standard of living and better their lifestyle.  The burden exists to not be distracted by regulation, competition or somebody else’s main thing.  Stay true and don’t lose sight of the main thing.  Ours is an effort every day to ensure that we don’t drift from our charge and end up divesting ourselves of the “main thing.”

SLCCU interest rates are some of the very best on both the loan and deposit side; fees are the best in the region; home banking is free; mobile banking is free; bill pay is free; ATMs are conveniently located; and so are branches and shared branches.  New products, processes and policies are all designed with you in mind.

Don’t be afraid to keep us in check.  Help us to make sure that our main thing is that the main thing remains as the main thing – given the fact that you having a better life is our main thing.  We are honored and privileged to serve you.

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