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Dream Big

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horn of plenty

If you could have anything right now, what would it be? Chances are, whatever you hoped or wished for is not nearly enough. We stop short of what we could have. Why do we inherently ask for less when we could always have more?

We are a people who are to prosper. We should have an attitude of abundance. We should wake up each day and put forth an attitude of expectation that includes “much more.”

St. Louis Community Credit Union doesn’t want to be the best credit union in the city, county, or state. No, we want the “much more.” SLCCU wants to be the best on the planet. Notice that there is no reference to biggest — who cares? We aspire to be the best at what we are charged to do. Call it dreaming big, but the fact is, if the bar is set too low, you’ll never know what might have been. Wayne Gretzky of hockey fame stated that we miss 100% of all shots we don’t take.  Be of a “much more” mindset.

The Credit Union loves every recognition we receive in the community for what we have done to date. Our regional leaders in community advocacy have bestowed many awards upon us. We are flattered and genuinely humbled by each of them. All that said, our current project is a big idea, an idea that is “much more.” Our aspirations are that we achieve notoriety way beyond the geographical boundaries of our region. Our “much more” for the success of our new brainchild is to win the Nobel Peace Prize for creating wealth in financial services deserts. We’re serious.

“Go big or go home” is a popular phrase used in gyms around the globe. As it implies, if you’re not expecting “much more,” then you should probably quit, pack up your gym bag and get out. Nike had a t-shirt at one time with the slogan “Second place is first place for losers.” Love it! It’s all about “much more.” Why cut yourself short? Dream big and don’t stop yourself short.

“Much more” is where it is happening. Kurt Warner was stocking grocery shelves. He played football as a quarterback at a small collegel and was far from sneaking in on draft day as the player everyone wanted. In fact, nobody wanted him. He toiled in the Arena Football League and played football in the European League. He was third string and lower on a few team’s rosters. Give up? Never. Kurt understood the premise of “much more.” As I write this, he is a three- time Super Bowl quarterback (one-time Super Bowl champion) and being considered for the Football Hall of Fame.

Be about “much more.” I don’t know where you are or what you aspire to be. Whatever it is, don’t settle. “Much more” is where it’s happening.

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