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Eclipse Fever? Not So Much.

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solar eclipseThe eclipse is over. It came and went last Monday, August 21. Like an ice cream cone at a summer picnic in August, before you could get your glasses adjusted and look to the heavens, it was gone. Nothing more than a summer memory.

Pre-dawn at the Dunkin Donuts, the clerk who waits on me most days asked, “Are you ready for the eclipse?” I answered, “I don’t know what that means, but I guess so.” “…Ready for the eclipse?” I thought, what should I be doing to get ready? Stretching exercises, carb-loading, what?

I ended up doing what I do most Mondays. I worked at my desk — no silly-looking 3D glasses anywhere in sight. If there were traffic problems, I didn’t see them. If there were people gathered on the street corners, paralyzed because of some daytime darkness, I didn’t see them. If birds flew into one another and fish jumped out of the water, I didn’t see them. I did see a couple of confused crickets. Did the sun seem brighter or was it just me? Mondays are for work, so I worked.

However, I did have a wonderful time in my office, eyes protected from the rays of a sun determined to burn my baby blues into oblivion. As best I can tell from my chair strategically located to look away from the window, it got a little darker earlier than normal — then it got light again. Sort of like what happens when a thunderstorm passes through our fair city. I’ve seen it all before — many times.

Like the kids of today who would rather watch other kids play with toys on YouTube than play with toys themselves, I chose to catch the phenomenon on TV, the Internet, twitter, snapchat, and Facebook within scant seconds after it really occurred. Yep, it was pretty much what I expected. They interviewed someone who said it was one of the greatest days of their life. Hmmm. Okay, we all have the bar of expectations set at different levels. We wish him the best.

Do you gather that I am a wee bit irreverent to this whole eclipse thing? Not that I have something against the solar system — actually, I’m a big fan of the sun, moon, stars and distant galaxies. For some reason, I couldn’t jump on this bandwagon. I tried to get fired up, I really did, but nothing. Every day of the year, the moon is effecting tides and nobody gets crazy. The moon goes from being full to just a sliver and then back again every couple of months and nobody gets crazy. Stars are awesome. And the sun — let’s not forget the sun. Without it, we’re nothing. Really, I mean we’re nothing (literally).

I remember once in grade school, we built some contraption with a box and hole in it to watch an eclipse of some level — total or not, I don’t really remember. But I do remember the teacher saying, “Let’s go outside and watch the eclipse,” and as soon as we got out there, we turned our backs to the sun and looked into the box in order to watch some shadow. Pulling at my memory, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t build my box right and saw nothing. So here I am, out on the playground, back to the sun, staring into a box that shows me nothing. The teacher kept yelling, “Don’t look at the sun…don’t turn around…don’t look up.” Lesson learned.

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