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Even The Best Can Drop The Ball On Occasion

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Have you ever “dropped the ball?”  Haven’t we all at some point in time popped ourselves in the forehead with the palm of our hand and muttered some monologue under our breath about how stupid we were?  We’ve done all we could…we tied a string around our finger, put a message in Outlook, placed sticky notes on the fridge and, lo and behold, somehow, some way, we still fell flat on our face.  The ball lay on the ground and, as a result, we have an empty look only outdone by an empty feeling.

In the recent history of St. Louis sports, there has never been a more public, painful and untimely “dropping of the ball” than that of our beloved “rent-an-outfielder,” Matt Holliday.  The world saw it live, then it was replayed a zillion times on a zillion channels to the same zillion people in order that we could all see that it really happened.  Sure enough, the man “dropped the ball” – literally.  Nobody felt worse than him – guaranteed.  That’s a sign of character.

I’ll bet you that most of us (when we gathered ourselves) quickly forgave him.  Yeah, he should’ve had it, but he didn’t.  Truly, his is a case of bad things happening to good people.  I say let those who live in glass houses cast the first stone, or something like that.  Be honest.  We’ve all dropped the ball – probably more than once.  The feeling is gut-wrenching.  At least when you and I screwed up, it wasn’t in front of a nationally televised audience.

Admittedly, as good as St. Louis Community Credit Union is, we “drop the ball” on occasion.  We hate it.  It makes us look bad.  We practice being responsive, accurate and considerate of our members’ concerns at least a couple of million times per year (that’s how many transactions members complete with us on an annual basis).  We know that you count on us not to “drop the ball.”  That’s why you give us your money – we’re a trusted source. When it happens, it puts a whole bunch of us in a really foul mood.  Thank God nobody sticks a microphone in our face 20 minutes later to ask us how we feel.  We’re really fussy.

I’ll bet you Mr. Holliday has caught thousands of fly balls in his life.  I’ll bet he catches many, many more before such an anomaly occurs again.  It’s the same for us.  It doesn’t make it right, nor does it diminish the negative impact.  Just like Matt, it hurts to screw up.  We just ask for forgiveness.

The character of a man and a company is not defined by the mistake(s) made, but rather how fast said mistake is corrected and what steps are taken to insure it doesn’t happen again.  We are of extremely high character.  So is Mr. Holliday.

In the scope of things, SLCCU employees make very few mistakes, but doggone it if we won’t make one at the most inopportune time.  We’ll clean them up, we’ll get fussy at ourselves, we’ll take steps not to make them again, and we’ll set out to do better next time.  We appreciate your patience if we “drop the ball.”  Your forgiveness is always welcome.  Just ask Mr. Holliday.

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