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President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

Far from ordinary

On February 4th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by

There’s nothing ordinary about what we do—unless, of course, you consider “helping people have the best possible life that they can have” as ordinary.

What we do is far from ordinary. We help to insure that our members get the home of their dreams through great mortgage products, service and rates. We help students get their college education. We provide the first car loan to those just getting started, and that dream car for those who find themselves a little later in life. Helping members take that special vacation or bringing Grandma home for the holidays are things we do, too. If you’re thinking “sounds like just getting a loan,” you would be missing the bigger picture.

It’s what comes with the loan that matters most. Great people who care and understand that making a loan is the work that we do, but improving a member’s life is the bigger reason we exist. Anyway…making dreams come true for our members is way more fun and, by the way, far from ordinary.

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