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Father Knows Best

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Times are tough for many folks.  Kitchen table conversation focuses on the skyrocketing price of gas, groceries that move up in price almost daily, increasing daycare costs, out of control healthcare…and if you have kids who are college bound, you better swallow hard.  One thing is for sure: the cost of living is probably increasing at a faster pace than the amount on the “net pay” line of your paycheck.  Quite frankly, we all need a little more “bang for our buck.”

Back in the day, my father’s way of getting more “bang for the buck” focused on expense management.  Growing up, he would say things to me and my siblings like: “Turn off the lights – we don’t have stock in the electric company!”  Another gem was: “Please close the refrigerator door – that cold air doesn’t come cheap.”  And my personal favorite: “Do you think money grows on trees?”

In addition to turning off lights and closing refrigerator doors, dad could have said a few other things to us kids.  How about: “Join a credit union and earn more in interest?”  Or what about: “Pay fewer fees with credit union checking?”  Here’s some good advice: “Open a CD with as little as $300.”

Remember…when there’s a lot more month than money – or if you’re one of those people who feels like the harder you work, the more behind you get – you have a couple of solutions.  (1) Manage your household expenses a little more closely; and (2) stretch your paycheck by using credit union services that feature better rates and lower costs. 

Dad would have been proud.

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