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Focus On The Stool One Leg At A Time

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Lion tamers carry a stool into the cage. A whip in one hand and a good ol’ bar stool in the other are rather comical. After all, you’re up against a lion. Really, the best you can do is a stool from the local pub? I know that lion taming is dangerous, but how about something a little more dramatic or marketable. You walk in with a whip and a wiffle ball bat, and now you got something that will move tickets.

So the joke starts with “a lion tamer with a top hat, a whip and a bar stool goes into a cage with the king of the jungle…” You fill in the rest.

Well, under the category of “I learn something every day,” a reliable source shared with me that the stool has a function much more than a weak deterrent against an onrushing feline that is looking for a big piece of meat in a silly hat. The stool has purpose.

Sure enough, if Mr. Lion gets a little more fussy than normal, the tamer (a loosely used term used by people who have never been inside a cage) grabs the seat of the stool and points the four legs at the lion. This slows the tiger – not because the massive creature is intimidated by the cleverly constructed piece of wood. Rather, the four legs serve as a hypnotic stopper to the aggression.

Yep, apparently the lion’s brain is rather small compared to his muscle mass (sort of like a few guys I knew in high school) and, as a result, when this maniac with a mane attempts to focus on all four legs of the stool at one time, it throws him into a funk. His attempts at focus are futile. The lion’s eyes try to formulate a signal transfer to his brain. Things get all confused and, as the lion attempts to get a visual grip on all four legs at once, he becomes somewhat disoriented and paralysis sets in. It freezes the jungle king’s aggression and neutralizes his roar. Ain’t that something!

Same holds true for adults, you know. If we try to focus on too many things at the same time, we get bogged down and, as a result, don’t think clearly on any of the pending concerns. Nothing gets done. If you’ve ever said, “I don’t know where to start,” you’ve experienced the “four legs of the stool” syndrome.

Narrowing the focus is better than trying to grasp everything at once. Too much analysis leads to mind-numbing paralysis. Be silent sometimes and quiet down your mind.

If your body is ready for sleep and your mind won’t shut down, you might be staring at all four legs of a stool. Take a deep breath and reduce the clutter to a relaxing, still thought.

On occasion, I get crazy busy… time to slow down and be still.

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