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Free Yourself From Failure

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Have you ever screwed up? Yeah, me too. Really Bad? Yep, you’re in good company. Most of the people I respect, and those I call friends, have at least once in their illustrious lifetime experienced a major malfunction – and that’s putting it lightly.

I learned a long time ago that when we fail, we have a couple of options. We can either be frozen by our failure or freed by our failure. We decide.

I’m pretty sure that rebounding from failure is inherent to our make-up. Think about when you were contemplating your first steps. Since you were probably too young to remember, let me help you out. You’d pull yourself up on the corner of the living room furniture, get a grin on your face from ear to ear, let go, and fall on your bottom. The entire room full of adults would applaud wildly at the sight of your failure. You’d give it another shot and another shot and another shot – all with the same enthusiastic response. You were freed by the failure and, as a result, you would start over with only one thing in mind – to achieve your goal.

As adults though, too many failures freeze us. Are you frozen by a bad credit score? Let me guess…nobody’s on the sidelines applauding wildly. As a result, you see no reason to undo what has happened. Thus the failure freezes us in a place where our standard of living suffers while we pay high rates and have limited access to credit.

How about freeing yourself from failure by taking important steps to correct your situation? Credit scores don’t “drop like a rock” overnight. Likewise, it takes time to start the number climbing again. St. Louis Community Credit Union’s Credit Builder Loan is coming soon. Look for this as a chance to free yourself from a previous failure. We’re applauding wildly for your success.

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