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Getting Things Done Requires Many Hands

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Getting Things Done Requires Many HandsHow do you get something done? Well, there are probably as many answers to this question as there are people asked. Suffice it to say, in many instances, if not most, you don’t get a task completed alone. My guess is that getting things done requires many hands.

Lucy had Ricky. Ben had Jerry. Barnum had Bailey. There were Three Stooges, Three’s Company, Four Horsemen, Eight is Enough and the Dirty Dozen. Partnerships, collaborations and teamwork bring ideas from a vision to completion. Think you can go it alone? I’m reminded that Steve Jobs needed Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates had Paul Allen.

You need someone to recognize the need, someone to understand the task, someone to organize the players and someone to rally the troops. Throw in someone to pray, and you got the makings of a pretty successful team of hands — especially the hands that are folded in prayer.

We brought all of those talented hands together to bring forth our new Gateway Branch to our neighbors and friends in North St. Louis. We dedicated the building last week among a throng of supporters and advocates who love SLCCU and what we do.

The need was obvious. Much like there are food deserts, financial services deserts exist as well. The underserved in financial services find banking to be expensive and arduous.  We get it and set out every day to lighten the burden. Deposit accounts, transaction accounts, loans and convenience are what we bring to the community — all affordable.  Dignity, respect and great service are also what we do so well.

We understood the scope of the undertaking. What we embarked on was a big deal. We reached out to all of our partners within the community to help. Everyone was glad to pitch in, as they, too, understood the need.

We were organized and spirited to get the job done. Efficiency in our moving parts was evident and with each passing day our excitement grew for the project’s completion.

And yes, there were prayers. Lots of them. My guess is there were people praying for the completion of the facility that we had no idea had made their way to their knees on our behalf. See, what we ultimately accomplished was a big deal for so many who need a help-me-up. God loves a cheerful giver.

I guess you could say that we climbed to new heights in our commitment to serving our community. Our first move, however, was to fall to our knees. Yes, prayers are answered.

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