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Give It Up for the Lou

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St. LouisI told you so. Yes, I did. St. Louis is looking good. See, it’s not all gloom and doom regarding our great city. There are many positives — you just have to know where to look. If you’re tired of those who enjoy kicking St. Louis in the shins, read on.  

Take for example, our Credit Union’s generosity of contributing over 600 volunteer hours in a single day this past Columbus Day. Did you read all about it in last week’s blog? If not, back up a week — you’ll love it.  There are hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents who do the same throughout the year. We are a giving, forgiving and loving bunch (except for the Cubs). Let’s talk about all the good for a change. Please.

Let’s start with a highly important consideration of any city’s overall performance — education. We’re up, baby — WAY UP! For those who insist on banging the drum of negativity, please take note that the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) “Annual Performance Report” filed by the state’s Department of Education has us moving from a 43.2 to a 76.1. Now that’s progress. Yes, there is room for improvement, but the dial moved in a big way, and SLPS should be recognized for what has occurred — success. Granted, more is needed and more will come.

Did you know that your hard-earned paycheck goes further in St. Louis than in many other areas of the country? Purchasing power is strong in the “Lou.” We’re #10 in the country for big cities. Let’s talk about the good news found there.

If we can buy things more cheaply proportionate to our wages, then we have a better chance to save money. Saving money builds wealth. Wealth accumulation has the impact of generational change. We’re building some good things here under the Arch. How come this news isn’t grabbing headlines?

A large bucket of popcorn (the kind with that golden fake butter stuff) at the movie theater costs $2.75 less here at home than in Kansas City. Chicago and Memphis have higher prices as well. Parking downtown is cheaper, too. So is a six-pack of beer.

I was in Detroit recently. They’re fighting the same battles as St. Louis. They’re trying to get some love, too. Lots of good things are happening in the Motor City, but too many people with pens and voices want to cast their city in the light of the past. It’s time to recognize that both the cities of St. Louis and Detroit have brighter futures.

Come on, give it up for the Lou. So this guy in Detroit says to me, “People in the Midwest are the nicest people in the country, and you folks in St. Louis lead the pack.”

Nice, improved education, strong purchasing power — that’s my town. Sounds to me like we’ve found a winner. I, for one, love the “LOU.”

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