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Giving Thanks Is a Full-Time Job

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thanksgivingDid we all give thanks last Thursday? I did. Given how much I’m thankful for, I need more than 24 hours on a designated day in November. I’m a year-round thankful guy, and I’ll tell anyone who asks.

This world is a crazy place these days. Sadly, yet poignantly, page 34 of the St. Louis Business Journal’s November 17-23 issue summed up the stark contrast between a world gone mad and the tradition of a Thanksgiving meal, complete with all the fixings.

It took me about five seconds to see the irony of Mark Vittert’s heartwarming reflections of a very special holiday, positioned right below the cynical sadness of a political satirist’s cartoon reminding us of the violence we have in our world. Was this planned just to make us think, or was it just the way the paper was laid out this week?

I’ll tell you what it did for me. I prayed a prayer of even greater thanksgiving than normal, and that’s saying something.

The cartoon depicted a sullen-faced dad watching a TV that read: “Breaking:  Another Mass Shooting.” His son in the cartoon was asking for the keys to the car, and the dad handing over the keys to the car was captioned with “You can borrow the car if you’re NOT going to a mall, concert, theater, campus, club, military base, office festival, school, church…” I use the term “cartoon” loosely.

Yes, outside of that dining room table stretched to the max with table leaves, food, and family of all shapes and sizes is an angry world. I guess monsters under the bed were the least of my concerns. Even more reason to stretch “giving thanks” to a full-time gig.

Before dessert was served, glasses were held high and we toasted those things for which we are thankful. Given the time constraints of the day, full bellies, restless kids, and football game number two kicking off shortly, we limited our items of thanks. Nevertheless, I had a couple.

Somebody toasted new found Facebook friends; I toasted old friends that have never been on Facebook. Somebody toasted good health; everyone loudly responded, “Here, here.” There was a mention of thanks for family — again a resounding “yes” from the entire oval.  Prosperity was given thanks, with a prayer that poverty would be eliminated and everyone could enjoy plentiful bounty in years to come.

The featured pie was apple, homemade at the hands of my wife (number one on my list of what I am thankful for) and my grandson MJ. Wednesday prior, MJ learned to bake with his Mimi. I refer to their relationship as “the world’s greatest love affair,” and boy, did the love transfer into the pie. Man, was it good.

The pie must have weighed as many pounds as MJ is years old, i.e., 6. Topped with some ice cream and a shot of whipped cream, it was the perfect end to a blessed Thanksgiving meal.

I feel asleep on the couch shortly thereafter. The football game on TV was just about over when I awoke. The kids were busy doing kid stuff, and Mimi was beside me holding my hand. Many thanks for sure.

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