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Good News…We Practice DWYSYWD!

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DWYSYWD.  What the heck is that?  Pronounced “dwizzie-widd,” these seven letters say more than you might think.  The term speaks to the integrity and character of those with whom you associate.  You want friends, co-workers and the people you come in contact with in the business world to adhere to this odd-looking phrase.  That means you want St. Louis Community Credit Union to practice DWYSYWD.  Great news…we do!

DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO!  That’s what that silly-looking acronym means.  A very serious message tucked inside a very funny set of letters.  Our members count on us.  They trust us with their money.  They instill great confidence in us to help them manage their money.  With the exception of their kids, money is way up there on the list of things that draw one’s utmost attention.  So folks definitely expect us to “dwizzie-widd,” and we do.

I recently read a J.D. Power & Associates survey in which the banking industry got punched in the stomach with a few hard-hitting results.  The knockout blow dealt to big banks everywhere was that their customers said they were “unhappy due to issues with problem resolution.”  Ooops!  That’s a hole in the bankers’ “dwizzie-widd.”  The message is simple, and it’s loud and clear: banks don’t do what they say they will do, and you just can’t do that to people.

At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we do what we say we will do – and there’s a reason for that being the case.  We’re a cooperative financial institution in which our only reason for existence is to make our members’ life a lot better.  That’s what we say, and that’s what we do!

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