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Good service isn’t good enough

On February 11th, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by

What is the definition of good service? Unfortunately, in the world we live “good service” has been reduced to not much more than the consumer proudly proclaiming that “nobody got hurt.” True enough…the consumer experience is anything but an experience. A kind word to describe the latest interaction with a less than interested store clerk might be “blah.”

At St. Louis Community Credit Union, members give us their money. They entrust us with a prized possession…the hard earned means by which they intend to survive. Given the scope of such a trusting gesture, we believe they deserve much more than “blah.” “Good service” isn’t good enough either. Our members deserve GREAT SERVICE and that’s what they’ll receive.

GREAT SERVICE involves many things. But it is absolutely making the member aware of the many products and services we have that will allow for them to get more “bang for their buck.” The member expects us to let them know what we have to offer that can make their situation better. That’s just a piece of what we do that the members love. And we’ll keep doing it.

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