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Gratitude & Joy

On September 22nd, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

generations“Gratitude and joy” are the words used by my pastor to describe my aura over the past two years. That would be right. Without question, I have an attitude of gratitude, and I am joy-filled. Why not? Two years ago this past Friday, I made a valiant effort to meet my maker, but by His grace, I’m still here. It’s easy to be grateful and filled with joy after such an occurrence. Yes, I was happy before, but I’m really happy now!

Watching my grandson grow up over the past couple of years has been really cool. He’s something special. He named me Poppy for every grandchild to follow. He was 2 then and could string a few words together, and somewhere in his rambling, Poppy emerged as the moniker I would carry with me for a lifetime. I’m good with that.

Now he’s 4 and has a lot to say about everything. I’m good with that as well. Most of what comes out of his mouth perfectly fits into the popular inference “out of the mouths of babes,” meaning we laugh hysterically at his honest assessment of what’s going on around him. For example: “Poppy, you have a big ol’ belly.” Hilarious! Accurate as well.

We’re getting ready to celebrate his little sister’s first birthday in November. Yep, just one more reason for “gratitude and joy.” Coming to know the unconditional love of two beautiful children has been a great gift. At 10 months old, bouncing up and down as she holds on to the coffee table is one of my favorite sights. Too cute.

And now…well, apparently grandchild number three is on the way. And the gratitude and joy of hearing this blessed news is another memory that wouldn’t have been had I not been pressed back into duty by God’s grace. Three special loves that I otherwise would have missed. Yeah, gratitude and joy are good descriptors as to who I am.

We were sitting having dinner. My daughter asks, with her usual zest for, life if we would like to see some pictures of her and her husband’s recent vacation. She reached into her purse with absolutely no indication of what was about to come. She did the unusual and bypassed grabbing her phone. Instead, she took out some “old school” pictures printed on paper. No big deal — in fact, I’m “old school,” so this was a welcomed surprise.

Speaking of welcomed surprises, the first picture she turned over was of an ultrasound. Suffice it to say, Mimi (my wife) and I just about fell out of our chairs. Talk about total shock. I lurched in my chair, stared off into blank space for what felt like an eternity, and felt my eyes well up with tears at the same time my voice box went mute.

It’s not often that I am rendered speechless, but my face sort of said it all…you could read gratitude and joy from ear to ear. Yep, gratitude and joy. Lots for which to give thanks.

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