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Great Leadership Starts With Passion

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Recently, a leadership guru was discussing what it takes to be a great leader. I’m always intrigued by the guru’s “novel” approach to identifying leadership. The conversation is usually presented in a manner that leads one to believe that a five-point plan is the silver bullet we’ve all patiently awaited. If I added up all the five-point plans I’ve come across during my professional career, I would have a 500-point plan of which very few, if any, of the points would be repeated.

One point that I do believe is an essential trait to great leadership is passion. Well, good news for our members…St. Louis Community Credit Union is loaded with leaders. Let me share with you why the passion displayed at every level in our organization is absolutely extraordinary.

As employees, we don’t get rich working in credit unions. Our passion for doing the right thing and serving people is what drives us to work every day. Our almost 90 employees have a deep concern and genuine care for every member. It is a real pleasure to lead so many people who move in lockstep to insuring our members’ well-being. Doing the right thing for the member is where the passion begins, and it blossoms from there.

The water fountain discussions, e-mails, meetings, training sessions, and our company newsletters all speak to maintaining a passion for serving our 30,000-plus members. The employees of St. Louis Community know why we exist – to serve our members. Yes, our members are in good hands for years to come because of so many passionate people.

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