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Great Service Starts With Great Communication

On March 3rd, 2008, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

Here’s what we know. Employees of St. Louis Community Credit Union take service very seriously. We know that great service is represented by a handful of traits. If any are missing, then service can’t be called great.

Great service starts with great communication. And great communication involves active listening. Being a great listener allows for solutions to take place. St. Louis Community listens intently to what our members want. We also introduce ourselves to our members. We think it’s important that members know who’s waiting on them.

Compassion and empathy come in a close second to listening. A St. Louis Community employee once said that we should try to “walk in our member’s shoes.” That’s a great analogy. Fully understanding the member’s perspective is the difference in providing what the member really needs versus what we think they want.

We’ve all seen bad service. It always looks the same. Inconsiderate (no empathy) is present. Add to the lack of compassion a dose of poor communication. Service personnel would do well to stop talking and start listening. Members should feel free to talk with us. At the credit union, we listen.

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